This One Picture Details Just How Much Socialism Has Made Venezuela's Currency a Joke

Socialism just doesn’t work. At this point, there’s no arguing this, but it has ardent defenders on par in both veracity and logic with flat-Earthers.


A perfect example, besides every example thus seen so far, is the South American country of Venezuela. There, you have to wait in line for hours just to get a loaf of bread, and they might be out of bread by the time you get there. People are losing weight so drastically — an average of 24 lbs — that it’s become a humanitarian crisis. The lack of everyday goods that you and I take for granted is so bad that the military awards good service with toilet paper.

So destructive is Venezuela’s socialism that its economy is worth about as much as the contents in your nearest dumpster. Take for instance the fact that Venezuela’s bolivar is worth less than the digital currency used in the massive multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. Meaning that if you have a good amount of gold in your video game character’s pocket, you’re probably more wealthy than an average citizen of Venezuela, even if you don’t count the money in your own bank account.


But this worthlessness of the bolivar can be seen very well in a picture that has been making the rounds on Twitter, that shows just how many bolivars you would need in order to equal out to one U.S. dollar. By the looks of the picture, it looks like you would need a wheelbarrow in order to cart all the bolivars around should you be insane enough to make the trade.

This is the effect that socialism, once fully embraced, has on the economy. If anything can tell you that the ideas Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are less than good, this is it.

Socialism: Not even once.


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