Feminists Protesting Mike Pence Don't Seem to Know Why They're Protesting Mike Pence

It’s a constant pattern with leftist protests, and the further into the social justice left you get, the more obscure and vague the reasons become.

One of the popular recurring protests I see comes from the feminist left in the form of women dressing up in red cloaks and white bonnets as seen in the show “The Handmaid’s Tale.” For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, the United States devolves into a strict theocracy due to an infertility problem, and fertile women are used as breeding stock.


According to The Hill, women are gearing up with red cloaks and bonnets (again) to protest Pence and his policies in Philadelphia on Monday during a fundraiser being thrown by Pence. The reasons for the protest are as vague as they are ridiculous:

Samantha Goldman, an organizer of the protest, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the dozens of women have signed up to wear hand-made robes and bonnets to protest outside of the fundraiser.

Goldman is a member of the liberal group Refuse Fascism which is organizing the protest along with the Philadelphia and Delaware County chapters of the National Organization for Women.

“We just felt that the visual of the ‘Handmaid’s Tale costumes, a society in which women in Gilead are stripped of their most basic rights and their humanity, was appropriate,” Goldman told the Inquirer.

So feminists against fascism are protesting Pence because women are losing their basic rights and humanity.

The joke here is that Pence is doing nothing of the sort and the protesters know it. They can make up stories all day about how Pence is making moves against the LGBT community, but he’s not. In fact, he’s openly supported LGBT folks only to have them verbally spit in his face.


The popular story goes that Pence is all about “gay conversion therapy” where people are given electro-shock therapy to electrocute the gay out. Not only did Pence NOT advocate for this, he’s completely against it. The only thing he did do was direct funding to organizations that helped people choose a different lifestyle should they choose to do so. This is even admitted by Snopes.

As far as women go, Pence isn’t lifting a finger against them. They try to make it out like he is because somehow not meeting with women alone is apparently sexist, but in reality, Pence is a pretty stand-up guy. He’s not trying to make the U.S. a theocracy, and he’s definitely not trying to take away women’s rights. He’s 100 percent not trying to turn women into breeding stock.

But facts don’t matter in the face of political grandstanding and virtue signaling. They think Pence is trying to do this because they want to believe the most horrid things about their political opposites. They want him to be that horrible, and so they’re going to pretend he is, and make a grand spectacle of it in order to make other people think he’s that horrible too. Facts be damned.


In the end, these women aren’t standing up to a grand evil or drawing awareness to a massive problem developing in our nation. They’re just idiots putting on red cloaks and white hats, and walking around outside a fundraiser in order to make themselves think that what they believe is true and they’re truly doing something to change it.

They’re not. They’re cosplaying.


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