UK Socialist Healthcare System Almost Kills Another Baby, but America's Capitalism Intervenes

The National Healthcare System in the UK just isn’t very good, especially if you’re a sick baby who needs a life-saving surgery or treatment. The NHS just doesn’t have the means or ability to solve special cases.


While this would deduct the score for the NHS alone, it receives some seriously bad marks due to the fact that the NHS system continuously stands in the way of other countries who may be able to help. This seems pretty backward, but if everyone learned that they can get better help outside of a socialist system, then the people the socialist system needs to parasitically drain to survive would go somewhere else.

So, in essence, a dying baby that could be a healthy baby is forced to remain a dying baby until he or she inevitably dies, and all in the name of socialized medicine.

Let me be very clear about something. Forbidding someone from obtaining something that would save their life because it would make you look bad is murder. The NHS is killing children, and unnecessarily to boot. This isn’t hyperbole, this is the definition.

But where the socialist NHS system falls short, the American capitalist system prevails as seen in the recent case of baby Oliver Cameron.

According to the Daily Wire, baby Oliver was diagnosed with cardiac fibroma, a condition where a non-cancerous tumor grows on the heart. This is one of the many things that the UK’s socialist medical system can’t fix. His only way out would be to be put on a heart transplant list, and then he can only expect to live to the age of 15.


Fortunately for baby Oliver, there is a cure. Unfortunately for him, it was in America, and to get there he had to go through the NHS which is notorious for stopping children from getting the treatment they need to live.

As it did in the case of Charlie Gard, the NHS decided to lift nary a finger to help baby Oliver and instead told them to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary for the travel and surgery. According to the Daily Wire, the parents did just that:

The NHS, however, initially refused to pay for the roughly $260,000 parents Lydia and Tim Cameron needed to fund the trip and procedure required to save their baby.

“No parent should have to bury their child,” Lydia said at the time, according to The Mirror. “For the NHS to say, ‘we’re sorry, we can’t help.’ is devastating.”

“We asked if the NHS could fly the surgeon over here, but he’s not licensed to operate in the UK,” she explained. “We asked if an English surgeon could learn the procedure, but they said no. So we must raise the money ourselves.”

“Our NHS consultant has said if Boston agreed to treat Oliver then we had to get him there.”

The couple did not have the funds to save Oliver, so they resorted to crowdfunding, opening a GoFundMe page and asking the public to donate.

After funding nearly $170,000 on their own and garnering international attention, the NHS’s hand was forced. The government finally announced that they would allow and fund the necessary surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Not wanting a nightmarish repeat of the Gard PR fiasco, the NHS relented and baby Oliver was flown to the advanced and superior medical system of America, where all of his heart problems were solved.

Now if only someone could solve the UK’s problem of the NHS, then there would be a lot of this not having to happen anymore.

So let’s recap:

A socialist system couldn’t save a baby from his heart condition and abandoned the family, willing to let the baby die despite there being a cure somewhere else. The parents utilized a fundraising program formed by American capitalists to gather donations and used that money in order to fly to a capitalist system where the baby then received the best medical treatment thanks to said capitalist system.

Remember, folks. Never go socialist.


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