SHOCK: CNN Confronts Sputtering Dem Over Lack of Outrage on Immigrant Children During Obama Years

I’m just as surprised as you are, but it actually happened. CNN actually cornered a Democrat on something and made them look foolish.

Hostess Brooke Baldwin confronted Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin about her lack of outrage during the years former President Barack Obama was in office.


What resulted was Baldwin devolving into a sputtering, unsure mess as she did her best to provide the highest quality word vomit that allowed her to dance around the issue.

After pushing out a nonsensical sentence about making progress and stalling, Baldwin (the reporter) pressed the question again. Once again, Senator Baldwin did her absolute best to avoid the question, and once again sputtered herself into a corner about needing to do something about this in unison.

Since Sen. Baldwin wouldn’t answer the question, allow me.

No. No, she did not raise her voice when it was happening under Obama. That would have been akin to heresy at the time, and would have likely made her very unpopular both among her fellow Democrats and the voters.

And so, Baldwin kept her mouth shut about all the crying children in cages she is now so outraged about today.


And this can be said for almost every Democrat who was in office at that time. There was no outrage from leftists, no breakdown into tears from Rachel Maddow, no TIME magazine covers that showed Obama staring down at a crying child.

In one fell swoop, CNN — of all networks — and Brooke Baldwin exposed a massive hole in the Democrats’ strategy. They knew when they were in charge and yet were silent. For all the outrage surrounding Donald Trump, this is the one hole in the narrative that is too huge to cover up, even for a mainstream media outlet.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but well done CNN. In one fell swoop, you showed us that there is still something akin to reporting at your network.


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