If Andrew Garfield Demands Christians Bake the Cake, I Demand He Make Commercials for Jack Phillips' Bakery

For all the open-mindedness Hollywood stars seem to have, they don’t seem to be able to perceive their own beliefs in a complete and well thought-out fashion.


This can be seen recently in the way Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, thought that bringing back the fairness doctrine was a solid idea, as it would force any conservative minded outlet to balance its rhetoric with statist outlooks. Of course, MacFarlane didn’t really think it out. He heard the word “fair,” and didn’t consider the fact that this would open the door for anyone to force their ideas onto the stage out of “fairness.” This includes pedophiles, Nazi’s, and people who like toilet paper facing inward.

Fast forward, and we have the “bake the cake” controversy coming to a head with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding on religious grounds. Naturally, the internet erupted, and lines were drawn between those who respect private businesses and the decisions they make, and those who wish to force others to serve others because not doing so is “discrimination.”

Actor Andrew Garfield, most famously known for being Spider Man, seems to be on the latter side.

During his acceptance for an award at the Tony’s, Garfield thanked his colleagues and then proceeded to end with what I’m sure he thought was a positive message.


“We are all sacred, and we all belong. Let’s just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked,” said Garfield.

Maybe Garfield thinks he’s being a good guy, but what he’s advocating for is effectively tyranny. Forcing someone to do something against their will, especially using that person’s private business or hobby, isn’t fairness.

That’s slavery.

To help drive this point home, I demand Garfield star in a positive commercial for Jack Phillips’ bakery. If Phillips should be forced to utilize his talents in the interest of equality, then Garfield should be forced to be the spokesman for Phillips’ shop, and espouse the goodness of Christian beliefs.

If Garfield refuses, then he should be sent to re-education training as the Colorado courts attempted to force Phillips into, and be called all sorts of negative things by the officials. If Garfield has a problem with this, then he can take his case all the way to Supreme Court, and attempt to defend his choice about when and where he can use his talents just as Phillips did.


Garfield will do all of this if he truly stands by his belief that people should be forced to act against their will.

I have a very strong inclination that Garfield won’t want to do any such thing, and will throw the greatest of temper tantrums in order to prevent his image, talents, and skills from being thrust into a situation he doesn’t want. Garfield would rather not be a state-enforced slave.

Neither does anyone else. Garfield should keep that in mind the next time he advocates for what he thinks is equality. It’s not equality if someone is subjugated by someone else.


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