Joy Ann Reid Falls Back on Tired "I've Grown" Excuse After More Bigoted and Weird Blog Posts Surface

MSNBC hostess Joy Ann Reid is discovered to have made even more blog posts that expose her hateful and sometimes bizarre thoughts on people and events, but don’t worry everyone. Reid wants you all to know that like everyone who had thoughts of their own before they knew what was popular, she’s grown.


According to MSN, Reid’s newly uncovered blog posts feature her spouting some pretty anti-Semitic stuff, along with comparing John McCain to a terrorist, and engaging in some “Bush did it” 9/11 conspiracy theories:

You can read the whole thing here. The short version of Ahmadinejad’s proposal is to make all the jews pack up and leave the Middle East so they can hide out in a German province somewhere and leave everyone alone.

She also published an image of Sen. John McCain’s head photoshopped onto the body of the Virginia Tech shooter in a post from 2007 entitled “Bagdad John strikes again,” according to BuzzFeed News.

In several blogposts from 2006, Reid encouraged her readers to question the official narrative about what happened on 9/11 and pushed “Loose Change” a debunked movie produced in part by Alex Jones, of InfoWars, which claims that the attacks which killed more than 3,000 Americans were an act planned by the U.S. government.

Now caught red-handed — again — Reid has addressed her former blog posts, this time owning up to them personally, instead of trying to pin her bigotry on the work of an elite hacker.


I’m not going to assume that Joy Ann Reid still holds all the opinions she did over a decade ago. People’s views on things can change by the day, and the idea that Reid stayed the same over the years is something I’m willing to bet against. That said, I don’t sense any kind of change in Reid’s personality.

Reid is still an awfully bigoted person, willing to draw her social justice gun at a moments notice and shoot down anyone with accusations of racism or bigotry herself. It’s important to remember that Reid herself is of the SJW crowd, and that’s a crowd that tends to be the most racist, sexist, and bigoted group in the first world.

As I’ve written in detail before, Reid helped create that atmosphere but forgot her position on the social justice victim hierarchy. As a result, she stepped out of line and has since been eaten alive by her own audience for homophobic slurs. Not only are they chewing her up, they’re spitting her out and walking away. Her audience is abandoning her by the tens of thousands.


It’s hard for me to think Reid has actually evolved at all when I see her accusing anyone on the right of racism, white privilege, etc. The bigotry is still there.

Reid may very well have evolved, but only to obey the mob’s cause célèbre. If tomorrow the in thing would be to make homophobic slurs, pretend 9/11 was an inside job, and comparing Republicans to terrorists…evidence suggests Reid would immediately do that.

I mean, she sure likes to make out like organizations like the NRA are terroristic when she called them “the most bloodthirsty lobby in America.”

Reid may have slapped a new label on her proverbial bottle, but it still contains the same caustic chemicals. I’ll believe Reid’s grown and evolved when I see it. So far, I haven’t.


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