Abortion Leaders are Defending the Violent MS-13 Gang Against Trump's Comments

Birds of a feather, I suppose.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood has given rise to some seriously disturbed characters in the past, but none so vile as its former President Cecile Richards. I need not go too far into my disdain for Richards here in this article, mostly because I already have in great detail before, which you can read here.

What we all know about Richards is that she presided over one of the bloodiest organizations man has ever conceived, where those who died were the most innocent among us, and they were killed off to the tune of 7 million children as of its 101st birthday.

Needless to say, Richards is someone I consider rather inhuman, as she has spent years trying to make an inhuman procedure out to be normal, healthy, and even fun in some cases. She doesn’t value life, and her respect for those who are living seem to begin and end with those who support her ideological filth.

So it comes as no surprise that Richards and the abortion factory she supports lashed out at Trump, not because he said something pro-life, but because he called a gang that love to brutally take life “animals.”

Ironically. Richards said that Trump needs to do some “self-reflection.” This is a ridiculous statement to make, seeing as how if Richards really did any self-reflection of her own, the weight of her realizations may very well send her into seizures.

Planned Parenthood itself decided to remind everyone that immigrants are people too, and that they deserve to be respected. This from the organizations that actually kills people. Needless to say, the fact that Trump was talking about a violent gang, and not immigrants, isn’t something Planned Parenthood thought to mention.

And because one good bout of idiocy deserves another, abortion advocacy group NARAL and its leader decided to follow along on the same tac.

It’s always fascinating to watch those whose respect for life is non-existent speak on respect. It’s doubly so when they do so in order to defend a violent gang whose literal motto is “rape, control, kill.”

But these two organizations and their leaders are, in the end, both killers of innocents, and both have a vested interest in making sure the current Republican president finds himself in as much trouble as they can get him in. If the Republicans continue to hold control, their 10 year plan might begin to look like a pipe dream.

And America would be much better off without these animals roaming our streets.