DNC Vice-Chair Just Aghast After Finding Unbelievable Fact That CEO's Are Paid More Than Workers

Minnesota Democrat and DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison has released a study that will blow your mind.

According to Ellison, CEO’s make 339 times more than your average worker. It’s hard to believe that we live in a world where the guy who runs McDonald’s would make so much more than the guy making your burger, but here we are.


The Hill seemed aghast as well, and wrote about the study, as well as Ellison’s reaction:

Ellison said the report, which includes data on nearly 14 million workers at 225 American companies, paints a dire picture of pay disparities in the U.S. For example, at 188 out of the 225 companies analyzed, a single CEO’s salary could be used to pay more than 100 workers.

“The CEO-worker pay ratio is a dramatic indicator of our country’s extreme economic divide,” the report’s executive summary reads.

The Hill continues:

The analysis he released found that at 219 of the 225 companies, an average employee would need to work for more than 45 years to make what their CEO makes in one year.

At the toy manufacturing company Mattel, for instance, a median employee would have to work for 4,995 years – or 111 45-year careers – to make the same amount as its CEO’s annual salary, according to the report. At McDonald’s a median employee would have to work for 3,105 years — 69 45-year careers.

Sweet baby Methuselah! How could we have let our capitalistic ways come to this? When a guy who runs an entire corporation can earn so much more than the guy who puts a thing in a box, how can we sleep at night?


Answer: Like a drugged baby.

I’ve seen many lazy attempts to paint wage disparity as the devil, but telling me that the guy who built his company to massive success should make the same as the guy who asks you if you want fries with that is just going to make me laugh. Mostly because it’s absurd on so many levels, but because it’s a perfect example of blatant socialist foolishness.

Of course CEO’s should make far and away more than their workers. Not only did he likely work very hard to get to that spot over the course of years, but his entire job is to guide the behemoth he’s in charge of into higher profits and expansion through business savvy and risk-taking. Anytime anything goes majorly wrong, it’s his fault. All of the jobs in his company rely on him making the right decisions in order for them to exist.

You’re going to tell me that Chad the stock boy should make the same, or near to, the guy with vastly more, and heavier responsibilities than figuring out where the new Elmo toy goes on the shelf? Believe me, I was the kid stocking Elmo toys for a time. It’s not that hard.


All that aside, this kind of nonsensical push for bringing down “the man” is par for the course for someone like Ellison. Lest we forget, Ellison is a fan of, and actively promotes, socialist/communist/anti-capitalist groups like Antifa, who like to use violence against innocents to get people to obey their body politic.

This is also the guy who was a fan of notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, suggested the U.S. be turned into a black ethnostate, and had to walk back comments that suggested that Bush did 9/11.

Your DNC vice-chair, everyone.




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