America Wins! Last Man Standing Will Return to Fox

Ask, and ye shall receive.

The Tim Allen led and right-wing themed show “Last Man Standing” is poised to be resurrected, and put back on television where America wants it, but this time the show will be airing on Fox. According to Page Six, the show’s seventh season is also poised to bring back all the main characters as well, making changes to show as minimal as possible.


This is welcome news to many fans who were outraged upon Last Man Standing’s sudden cancellation on ABC despite its superb ratings. This move was so confusing, and seemingly unwarranted that many suggested it got the ax due to the show’s right-leaning slant.

ABC executive, Channing Dungey, attempted to reassure viewers that the decision was completely non-political, stating “we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Friday.”

However, many didn’t buy the excuse, and with Allen on live television telling everyone that being a funny and likable conservative is a scary thing in the Hollywood scene, the idea that conservatives were being removed from America’s lineup took off.

While there are many different factors that may have contributed to the cancellation of Last Man Standing, its return has rumors attached to it as well. Namely that Fox is going forward with the show after the success of the Roseanne reboot proved that America wanted television that was more conservative than not.

It’s sad that it took this long for Hollywood to figure out that the majority of America wasn’t interested in much of the left-leaning messaging happening in much of the entertainment industry, and only in 2018 is it now understanding that diversity in programming should include ideas and ideologies, and not just something so shallow as race or gender.


Perhaps the Roseanne and Last Man Standing reboots will inspire other networks to follow suit as well, and we’re going to see a whole host of right-leaning television, movies, etc in the future.

That seems to be where everything is heading, at least if you were to look at the current trends and patterns, with more and more right-leaning material coming to the surface.


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