The Girl in the Prom Dress Story Is Telling SJWs "No," and We DESPERATELY Need More of That

If there’s one thing that I think we need to see more of in our society, it’s people telling the social justice warrior sect of the left “no.”


They’ve had people assent to their outrage so often that they have come to believe that they are the moral arbiters for the world. The problem is that the standard SJW is one of the most racist, sexist, and bigoted beings on the face of the planet. Their ignorance distorts their reason, and they often see innocuous occurrences as the next rise of Hitler and propose horrendous solutions that only end up making problems worse.

What’s more is that they come up with concepts that, on the surface, are meant to foster respect for one another, but end up segregating everyone and fomenting “us vs. them” attitudes.

The perfect example is the recent controversy high school senior in Utah, Keziah Daum, who wore a Chinese dress for prom. This, of course, sparked outrage from the social justice crowd who called her wearing of the dress “cultural appropriation” and proceeded to berate and harass the girl on Twitter. Twitter, the platform that believes no one should ever be bullied, promoted the story for Twitter moments and directed even more hate her way.

(Side note: The tweet from Daz Dillinger calling for the Crips to find Kanye and hurt him is also still up as of this writing)


But Daum has made it very clear that she’s not going to cave to the pressure of the social justice crowd, and will likely wear the dress again at some point. I can’t tell you how good it is for society that Daum wore the dress, and then told those offended by it that they can go on being offended and that it would have no bearing on her decision making.

The concept of cultural appropriation is one of the most toxic ideas society has ever been confronted with, and for good reason. It doesn’t encourage respect for other cultures, but it does set up cultures as sacred cows that must never be touched without express permission, oversight, and without change.

In effect, what it promotes is segregation. Not just of the culture itself, but any ideas the culture may produce. This is horribly detrimental to the human race, as any idea must stay in the culture of its birth, and never mix to benefit society at large by being implemented in some other way.

At the end of the day, what the social justice community is promoting with the concept of cultural appropriation is ignorance. Ignorance of one another, ignorance of concepts, and an imprisoning of ideas. It’s one more way for social justice warriors to thought police the world.


But by telling the social justice crowd “no,” Daum has opened the doors for experience and education. She has stood her ground and opened the gate for others to appreciate the various cultures Earth has to offer as well. This will only spread knowledge and further appreciation. Cultures will intertwine and create understanding, and even more ideas from the mix.

This can have innumerable results from new ideas in fashion, to new ideas in medicine. The mixing of cultures could help produce the next great novel, video game, or movie. It could help advance technology to places we didn’t think possible.

All of this because the cultures were not kept segregated, where their ideas would go nowhere, and sit unchanging and slowly going stale.

The social justice movement is not interested in respecting cultures like it thinks it is. It’s interested in imprisoning them.

My hat is off to Daum. I hope more people tell the SJWs “no” just like she did.


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