Alfie Evans Priest Reportedly Kicked Out of Hospital for Telling Them God Was Watching

In this April 23, 2018 handout photo provided by Alfies Army Official, brain-damaged toddler Alfie Evans cuddles his mother Kate James at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, England. The father of a terminally ill British toddler said the child is surviving after being taken off life support, surprising doctors who had argued he should be allowed to die. Tom Evans said his 23-month-old son, Alfie, survived for six hours with no assistance, and that doctors are now providing oxygen and hydration. (Alfies Army Official via AP)

Not welcome at Alder Hey Hospital is apparently common sense, empathy, and now God.

According to the Life Site, an Italian newspaper claims that an Italian priest sent to look over baby Alfie Evans, who is currently fighting for his life despite the doctors’ best hopes that he’d have died by now.


The priest had been sent to tend to Alfie but, according to Life Site, the priest reminded the staff that their actions against Alfie would be seen by God, and apparently, the hospital staff wasn’t too into that:

Don Gabriele Brusco, an Italian priest stationed in London, had been sent by Bishop Calvina of the diocese of Carpi, to minister to Alfie’s needs. He administered the sacrament of the anointing of the sick to little Alfie.

While at the hospital, the priest appealed to the consciences of the hospital staff, reminding them that God would judge them for their sins against Alfie’s life. Apparently, the staff did not like this.

Life Site has gotten word that Father Brusco is now gone from the hospital.

Interestingly, the Father’s removal from the hospital may go a bit deeper than just the hospital staff not appreciating being told that God isn’t happy about their treatment of a baby. According to LifeSite, Malcolm McMahon, the Archbishop of Liverpool, had a bit to do with Brusco’s removal, as he is said to side with the staff at Alder Hey.

Benedetta Frigerio of the Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola noted that McMahon couldn’t be bothered to make the seven-mile drive to see Alfie himself, but was more than willing to fly all the way to Rome to feed the Pope himself “a pile of lies.

A left-leaning news outlet in Liverpool interviewed the Archbishop, who fawned over the NHS, currently trying to hasten Alfie’s death by not doing a thing:


England’s left-wing Catholic magazine The Tablet  quotes the Liverpool archbishop as saying: “I am grateful for the medical and chaplaincy care which Alfie is receiving.”

“I know that they are doing everything that his humanly possible,” he continued, amid reports that Alfie’s father had to fight to get his son oxygen, hydration and nutrition. “And our prayer at this difficult moment is that the Lord will give everyone the spiritual strength to face the immediate future.”

The Archbishop said also that he was aware of Italian interest in the case.

“I am very aware of the compassion which is characteristically shown by the Italian people to those in need, and in this case Alfie,” he said. “But I know that our medical and legal systems in the UK are also based on compassion and the safeguarding of the rights of the individual child.”

Questions are rising as to the connection between the Liverpool Bishops and the NHS system, but it seems that this sudden reversal from within the church is entirely politically motivated.


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