Watch: Steven Crowder Proves That Educating People About Guns Is Better Than Blind Fear

Conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder has become popular — and memeable — over his “Change My Mind” series, which allows he and others of differing beliefs to sit down and argue their points in an attempt to better understand one another.


It doesn’t always end with understanding. Some of those that Crowder argues with end up leaving angrier than when they came, especially when they end up publicly losing the debate. Still, sometimes Crowder actually gets through to some people who just didn’t have all the facts.

In one instance, specifically about firearms, Crowder wasn’t just able to educate a couple of students, he was able to convince them to come down to the firing range to learn even more about firearms.

In his new video, Crowder takes two female college students to the range where he teaches them basic firearm safety, firearm and purchasing laws, allows them to shoot various guns, and educates the girls about the political hysterics around these guns in the process. What resulted is two girls whose minds were changed about firearm ownership.

What Crowder demonstrates here is important, and a message I’ve been trying to get across for some time.

What many on the anti-gun left do when it comes to firearms is spread blind fear. They make no attempts to educate themselves about the guns, or even the laws surrounding the guns. This includes politicians, especially Democratic party leaders like Nancy Pelosi who had demonstrated in the past that she’s more or less clueless about the gun laws in her own state.

This blind fear results in accidents, ignorant fear, and the voluntary diminishing of your rights stemming from not knowing any better. This opens up more problems as those who would gladly use guns in order to overpower their victims would immediately have the advantage.


However, educated gun owners have proven to be more responsible with their firearms to the point that they commit fewer crimes than the very police who are there to enforce the laws. Educated Texas gun owners, in particular, have a lower murder rate than the U.K.

Crowder’s simple day of educating two girls changed a couple minds, and made them and those they come in contact with just a bit wiser and more knowledgeable. They will be statistically safer.

Hats off to the Crowder team for putting their money where a lot of the pro-gun movements mouths are. If we’re a gun culture, as I have previously gone into detail that we are, then we need to encourage education at every opportunity, not just rage at the fearful ignorance spread by those who would rather us be ignorant and afraid with them.



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