Planned Parenthood Using Virtual Reality Simulation of Going to Get an Abortion to Generate "Empathy"

One of the bigger aspects of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, other than abortion, is convincing people that having an abortion is great.

Trying to convince the populace that killing babies is somehow a healthy thing to do, as well as lends to the liberation of women is a kind of deed that is as nefarious as it has been successful. Though, according to some things I’ve seen, even that might message might be losing its punch as more people want more restrictions on abortion.


But still, Planned Parenthood will push forward, and that involves utilizing new technologies to spread their propaganda. With virtual reality on the rise, Planned Parenthood is naturally going to get involved in the simulation business. Now you can strap on a headset, and take part as if you were actually there.

According to LifeSite, Planned Parenthood has created a simulation that would allow you to put yourself into the shoes of someone who experiences what it’s like to be someone going to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion using a video they did in 2017 called “Across the Line.” According to Planned Parenthood executive Dawn Laguens, who called Planned Parenthood a young people’s brand,” it’s supposed to generate empathy.

We produced a virtual reality film called “Across the Line” that gives people the opportunity to step into the shoes of a patient who’s trying to get through a crowd of protestors to get to their appointment. And it’s a really powerful experience, because it turns out, of course, you’ve been threatened with eternal damnation in the lake of fire and called, among the nicest things, a “wicked jezebel feminist” (but many other things), it really does increase your empathy for a person and your willingness to stand up for them to be able to access any care, but especially abortion.


“Across the Line” was a “video game” that put you in the shoes of someone who is driving up to a clinic to get an abortion, but must first navigate the protesters looking to stop you. The idea from Planned Parenthood was that they’d use real life protesters to show how awful they are.

What ended up happening, as LifeSite lets on, is showing how caring, calm, and helpful the pro-life protesters could be:

It turns out that using real pro-lifers instead of carefully-crafted caricatures was their first strategic blunder. We see the “patient” and a friend driving to the abortion facility, past a crowd of pro-lifers chanting and holding signs. They stop and ask a man who approaches their car for directions to the right building.

The man turns out to be one of the sidewalk counselors, and he’s about as far from “threatening” as you can imagine.

He tells them it’s not a “healthcare clinic,” but rather a place that commits 20-30 abortions per day. He then tries to get her to change her mind, his tone firm yet gentle, his voice sounding like he’s on the verge of tears that can only be described as the epitome of real empathy.

After that, the screen cuts to digitally rendered protesters yelling at you about how you’re a whore, going to Hell, and all those cliche things you hear about pro-lifers from the left. Of course, as LifeSite points out, it’s odd that they went from using real-life protesters to digitally rendered ones with amazing audio quality. There’s zero proof that any pro-lifers actually said this stuff, but according to Planned Parenthood, this is all part of a real life experience.


I guess real-life pro-lifers weren’t working out as well as they thought.

Interestingly, Planned Parenthood is not releasing any virtual reality games that involve you being the doctor and performing a real abortion. Apparently, Planned Parenthood isn’t too keen on that kind of footage being shown.


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