The Left Needs to Chill Out About Christianity

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There are things the left really hates, but it seems to me that they hate Christianity more than anything.

This has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout time. Be it booing God at the DNC, or their irrational hatred of politicians that openly show their faith.


Case in point, there’s something about Mike Pence that just drives the left insane, and it mostly has to do with his adherence to the Christian faith. Honestly, makes me wonder if Trump is the most hated man in America. The left lies consistently about his positions as it pertains to his faith. His own daughter can’t even write a kid’s book without sending the left into hate spasms.

Even beloved celebrities aren’t immune from the anti-Christian hate of the left. Just check out what happened to Guardians of the Galaxy/Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt when he asked people to pray with him for Kevin Smith.

But in terms of ludicrous reactions, the Christian based chicken sandwich chain “Chick-fil-A” gets an inordinate amount of hate. Its chief officers are openly Christian resulting in them expressing their support for *shocker* traditional marriage when asked. This caused the mainstream media, activist groups, and a chunk of the LGBT community to go somewhat psychotic, and hold protests in front of their local Chick-fil-A. What resulted was…more business for Chick-fil-A than ever before.

Much like the NRA, Chick-fil-A seems to thrive when pressure is put upon it for its values. In fact, it’s these values combined with the quality of their food that is currently putting the chicken sandwich chain on a light-speed course to 3rd in the fast food hierarchy.

It’s expanding by leaps and bounds, and that success has Dan Piepenbring at the New Yorker going into a rant laden with indignance at the audacity of Christians to have a business that runs on Christian values.


For Piepenbring, Chick-fil-A opening a store in New York is just unconscionable, and is an “infiltration” of the worst religious kind:

“And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism,” wrote Piepenbring. “Its headquarters, in Atlanta, is adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet.”

Somebody stop the madness! The delicious, high-quality madness! I bet the sweet tea is even made from holy water! It’s headquartered in that backwoods Christian hell-(Heaven?)hole city of Atlanta for Pete’s sake!

Piepenbring goes on to talk about how the Chick-fil-A cows — which he considers to be a gross joke about farm animals tossing other farm animals into harm’s way — are out of place in New York, much like Chick-fil-A itself. He figuratively raises a fist in the air at the way Chick-fil-A tries to brand itself as — and try not to be super shocked by this — better than its competition.

“Still, there’s something especially distasteful about Chick-fil-A, which has sought to portray itself as better than other fast food: cleaner, gentler, and more ethical, with its poultry slightly healthier than the mystery meat of burgers,” wrote Piepenbring. “Its politics, its décor, and its commercial-evangelical messaging are inflected with this suburban piety.”

It’s almost like Chick-fil-A is a business trying to outsell its competitors. How horribly capitalist of them.


Piepenbring ends his article by attempting to encourage his fellow New Yorkers to refuse to patronize Chick-fil-A.

“Today, the Cows’ “guerrilla insurgency” is more of a carpet bombing. New Yorkers are under no obligation to repeat what they say. Enough, we can tell them. NO MOR,” finishes Piepenbring, taking one more dig at the cow mascots.

Piepenbring makes the fatal, elitist error of assuming the majority of everyone around him agrees with him. Thankfully for all of America, the vast majority of us aren’t outraged at the site of a Christian created chicken sandwich, and take to the nearest keyboard, thesaurus in hand, and express with an upturned nose how distasteful it is to see a religiously based store be so successful.

There are two facts that Piepenbring and the rest of the left need to face. Chick-fil-A has delicious food and excellent service, and the vast majority of America is Christian. We can get into the weeds about whether or not “self-identifying” and “practicing” are two different numbers, but the end result is the same. America is good with Christian values. Even a good many atheists navigate their world by the Judeo-Christian values the west is based on, whether they acknowledge it or not.

But Piepenbring, like many on the left, suffers from an ignorance and intolerance about the average Christian.

Christians, for the most part, don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle. However, it doesn’t mean we hate every person who is homosexual, or that we’re all going to try to make their life harder. Without a doubt, there are those out there that will try to turn a homosexual away from their gay or lesbian inclinations, but this pales in comparison to the way the mainstream media, activist groups, and the LGBT community goes after anyone who attempts to stick by his faith.


You can ask a Colorado baker who simply refused to cater a gay wedding and had to defend his choice in the Supreme Court about that. Not to mention the Memories Pizza saga. Neither one of those businesses refused to serve gay customers, just cater ceremonies that went against their religion.

Meanwhile, a gay coffee shop owner can kick out a group of people for being Christian to little backlash.

The ignorance from the left is assuming that all Christians would react the same way the gay coffee shop owner did in his position. The intolerance comes from the fact that for many on the left, there can be no disagreement in tandem with friendship. You’re either on board with it, or you’re a pariah of the highest order.

Christians are not perfect, but who is? In fact, the whole point of Christianity is the acceptance that you’re not perfect and that you need something perfect to save you. There are holier-than-thou kinds of Christians out there without a doubt, but as many on the anti-Christian left including our New Yorker friend here have shown, you don’t need to have faith in God to hold that kind of attitude.

For the most part, we Christians — or at least the majority of the multitude that I’ve met so far — aren’t interested in telling others how to live, and would prefer we be left alone as well. We want to go about our day adhering to our faith, which is likely to never do anyone harm, including those we disagree with.


We want to pray for those in need, eat our chicken sandwiches, and run our businesses in peace. I wish many on the left felt the same way, but we’re constantly assaulted with evangelist mobs of this or that interest group as they “boo” our God during their political conventions.

“You will be made to care,” says the left.

“Eat mor chicken,” says the Christian.


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