One Feminist's Rant Demonstrates How Feminism Woefully Misunderstands the Male Mind

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Feminism, or at least the mainstream version of it, is a sect of humanity that consistently displays a massive amount of ignorance about the society it’s attempting to change. This is demonstrated more often than not by its commentary about men.


The mainstream feminist has many enemies, but hated the most — below the non-feminist female — is the typical man. To the feminist, the standard male is a creature of evil, leading to the suppression of women throughout the ages and setting itself up as the king of a patriarchal society where everything goes our way.

Odd thought, seeing as how men are the ones sent off to war by vastly larger margins, are woefully discriminated against in the courtroom by and large, are assumed guilty the moment a woman accuses one of sexual assault, are doing the vast majority of society’s dirty work, take on most of the financial responsibilities, and are the butt of the vast majority of jokes in the media.

If I’m living in a patriarchal society, then it could do with a little more friendliness to its supposed rulers.

But every now and again I’ll see a feminist break from the crowd to attempt to lure men to feminism by painting them as feminists paint themselves; the all-encompassing victim. This is what feminist Ashly Perez, star of BuzzFeed Violet’s “Unfortunately Ashly,” decided to do on Twitter.

Okay, let me interject here.

Men need no revolution, and no man should strive to be more feminine. Masculinity is a trait men have by their very nature, but today’s society has made masculinity something of a villain. Masculine traits, according to the mainstream feminist, are the reason behind patriarchy, rape, violence, Trump, misogyny, etc, etc, etc. Masculinity is so vilified that the “beta male” has become something of a hero in the mainstream media’s eyes. So much so that Hollywood Reporter featured the Silicone Valley cast with the words “The Triumph of the Beta Male” emblazoned on their cover.


Beta males are a kind of man who finds his place in the safe and secure first world where he doesn’t have to rely on masculine traits to help him survive. Most hardships are taken care of for him, and he can be the nice, simpering, safe, and obedient guy the mainstream feminist has approved. Rest assured, he’s still an evil male in the eyes of the feminist, but at least he does and thinks what he’s told.

Thing is, few really fall for the beta male, even the feminists who helped create him. Women — feminist or no — see him as weak and not suitable to mate with. The instincts within women will cause them to pass him up in favor of a stronger, more suitable candidate. He’s caught between being forced to deny his own natural masculinity because he’s been convinced it’s evil, and needing it to accomplish the tasks that make men happy, such as finding a suitable mate. This is not good for the minds of men.

But Perez seems to define feminine traits as showing emotion such as worrying and crying, and having hopes and dreams. She thinks it’s feminine to want hugs and love.

It’s not. Men are no strangers to emotions. We cry during moments of tragedy, and sometimes in moments of great anger. We’re proud of our hopes and dreams, and are far more open about finding love than too many modern-day women who have been taught that they don’t need a man. Turn on the television or the radio and hear script and songs written by men about how much they love someone or are looking to find love.


Perez’s view on men is awfully short-sighted, but her ignorance laced tweets go on by pinpointing that violence displayed by men is a result of masculinity, and men not embracing feminism.

In a world where your natural tendencies are denied you, and your very nature labeled as evil, many are going to take to lashing out. The answer isn’t feminism, it’s allowing boys and men to be dangerous. This might seem counterproductive to the safe society feminists believe they’re creating, but it’s not.

Masculinity is the force that keeps the proverbial and literal wolves in the hills. It’s a destructive force. That much is true, but we’ve become so resistant to the idea of masculinity that we forget that it and the danger it brings with it is a neutral force. It can, should, and has been shaped into a force of good, and little in society is more relied upon than a good, dangerous man. Feminism seeks to eliminate masculinity as a whole, which it can’t do, however, it does make it seem unappealing to the masses. Men, unable to do away with masculinity, are villains for simply having it. This results in alienation, and alienation results in anger, rage, hatred, and sometimes violence.

Perez and her feminist kind don’t understand the shallowness of their solutions, and end up creating the monsters they hate.

*Authors Note: At about this point in my writing this article, Perez privatized her Twitter account making me unable to continue to list her tweets here. I’ll continue regardless by giving you a general idea of what she tweeted.*


Perez continues by offering up that men need their own version of feminism. By this, she means a movement by which we can deny our own masculinity, and engage in embracing something completely unnatural to our sex as the mainstream feminists do. I can already tell you that this won’t end well, and will be rejected en masse by the male population in the same way the majority of the female population rejects mainstream feminism.

Allow me to explain something about men, and put to bed this well-circulated narrative by feminists.

Masculinity is a boon to society. A lot of the problems we’re seeing today are a result of a lack of it, not a surplus. Men should be encouraged to embrace their better angels alongside their nature, not taught to be more feminine. We’re not feminine. That is the domain of women. Men may adopt traits here and there, but it’s merely a shadow of it. We men need to be encouraged to be dangerous, to be the dragon slayers we fantasize about as children, and to be the good guy who fights the bad guy. We should not be pushed or forced to adopt the ways or thinking of women. Boys should not be forced to be more like girls in temperament or method.

The things we learn from masculinity and accomplish by utilizing it is necessary for a well-functioning society.

This denial of men to enjoy and embrace their nature is hurting us, and thus hurting society. Boys need more time being kinetic, doing dangerous things, learning what our strength can accomplish and how it can be used to maximum effect. Men should be appreciated for utilizing their masculinity, instead of being shown derision for it.


Men are a highly valuable resource that feminists are urging society to toss to the side like so much garbage. It’s puzzling why they wonder why they’re seeing an increase in violence like they are.



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