A Girl Takes a Graduation Photo With a Gun, and All Hell Breaks Loose...but It Shouldn't Have

We live in a gun culture. Despite every attempt to change it, or paint it differently, America is a nation that was founded with the help of guns and maintains itself in part by the use of guns. It is and will likely continue to be a gun culture after my generation is dead, and hopefully long after that.


Guns should not be the point of fear that the media, politicians, and activist groups have made them out to be. We’ve been a gun culture since our founding, and the ferocity of the anti-gun wave has really only been a product of recent history. Gone are the days when shotguns and deer rifles were featured prominently on the gun racks of trucks in school parking lots. Mike Rowe even tells a story of how he brought a rifle into school when he was younger and the principle’s reaction wasn’t fear, panic, or anger. It was to tell Rowe how cool it was.

The left puts so much focus on the problems that guns cause that they neglect the very obvious fact that guns solve more problems than they cause. This especially applies to women, whom God made alongside men, but Sam Colt made equal.

Enter College Senior, and soon to be graduate, Brenna Spencer, who decided to take this photo of herself and her gun for her graduation photo.

The photo sparked a frothing at the mouth in anger from the left as Twitchy has documented. She even got some anger from some on the right.

This is a provocative photo, but it shouldn’t be. A woman carrying a gun shouldn’t generate outrage, nor should major news organizations be covering it like it’s an alien landing. The amount of attention this photo got is just flat-out bizarre.


But Spencer knew it would be provocative. Along with her “women for Trump” t-shirt, Spencer was well aware that she was going to ruffle some feathers. Likely, that was, at least in some part, her intent. I won’t give Spencer bad marks for this, though. This kind of provocation is warranted. It exposes how far our society has fallen in terms of its fear of a device that actually helped cement our nation and continues to be man’s best inanimate friend.

The simple fact is that women and guns just go together. The truth about the nature of the world is that men are physically stronger than women. We’re literally built with denser muscles and bones. We’re taller and more aggressive. We’re built for battle.

Women are not. Nature intended them to be nurturers. Throughout the course of history, men were considered the primary defenders of the home because of this reason. Once the ability to deal death at a distance with hot lead came to the scene, women were granted the opportunity to become just as deadly as their male counterparts.

It’s hard to assault, rape, or burgle a woman when she’s pointing a 9mm at your chest.

This fact isn’t just being completely ignored by the left, it’s straight up being argued against. They claim that holding a gun makes you less safe, and a target. Tell that to the millions of people, including women, who have used firearms as a deterrent. Tell that the students of Maryland who are alive now because a law enforcement officer worth a damn used his firearm to stop a shooter cold.


Spencer has every reason to show off her gun. Its ancestors helped found a nation she loves. It’s a companion for her when she goes out and can be used to keep herself and others safe at a moments notice. With this photo, Spencer is making a statement that media outlets refuse to…

Guns are a girl’s best friend.


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