The "Fight for 15" Crowd Is Now Protesting the Self-Checkout Machines Replacing Them

I guess it was inevitable. The leftists who railed for higher minimum wages wanted to have their cake and eat it too, but that’s not how the world works. Soros willing, they’re going to give it their best shot, though.


Self-checkout machines are all the rage in stores now, ranging from McDonald’s to Kroger. Oftentimes, it’s much easier and faster just to take your three or four items and use the machine without having to go through the process of waiting in line to have someone else do it for you. It benefits both the store and customer, as the customer is in and out faster, and the store isn’t paying the machine to do its job.

In fact, it’s not having to give the machine sick time off, they don’t have to worry about it suddenly walking off the job, and they definitely don’t have to worry about it coming back with a picket sign and demanding more money. If forced to cave to the demands, like some local governments have done for protesters, then the store will suddenly find itself in financial hot water. This results in having to lay people off, and instead of having a minimum wage for flipping burgers, they get no wages for having no job.

But the left has little knowledge about economics, and as a result is viewing these machines as an enemy brought to defeat them, not the solution to a problem that they created. Naturally, as a leftist will, they’ve decided to protest them.

This popped up from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.


Again, the presence of these machines isn’t accidental. In a world where companies are threatened with bad PR, protests, and even governmental intervention for the pay they dole out, these self-checkout machines save time and money. When you’re a business, time and money are high-value resources that you want to save a lot of.

The protesters don’t seem to understand this.

The more you try to insist the company spend more time and money where it doesn’t need to, the more it will look for ways to save it. The swift roll-out of these machines is the response to a problem, not a corporation being evil.

And now they’re here to stay, or at least I hope they are. If people are looking for more jobs to make money, Mike Rowe has pointed out that there are millions of jobs just lying around. You’re just going to have to get yourself a little dirty to get them.


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