The UK's Law Enforcement Has Gone Full-On Ridiculous, and This Tweet Proves It

Commuters cross London Bridge, which has reopened after Saturday evening's terror attack, in London Monday, June 5, 2017. London police have raided two addresses and detained "a number" of people suspected of some connection to the Saturday night car attack and knife rampage on London Bridge. (Isabel Infantes/PA via AP)

I’m glad our ancestors thought it pertinent to separate ourselves from the British Empire and establish a system of laws that kept the government restricted and the people at least somewhat free from its ineptitude.


When you don’t have these laws that protect you from the government in place, the government will proceed to expand itself by leaps and bounds, inevitably reaching a point of pure asininity. If you want proof as to how asinine the government can get, then look no further than London’s recent reactions to knife violence.

Earlier today I went into the fact that no matter how many weapons the UK tries to ban, they will always have evil. If they keep banning everything that is used in a crime, then they will be left with a disarmed populace among very armed criminals. It seems, however, that they’re on track to ban anything looks remotely dangerous no matter what it is, or how it’s used.

In March, a police department in the northwestern part of London apparently did a weapons sweep and found some dangerous objects they were able to seize and dispose of.

I wish this was a joke.

Well, the people of London can sleep well knowing that a dastardly pair of scissors won’t be terrorizing the people’s paper any longer, and that pair of needle nose pliers won’t ever strangle a wire again.


Yes, those were some screwdrivers, a pair of scissors, a couple of pliers, and a file. All of these you have likely been able to find in your dad’s toolbox since you were small. Yes, all of these can be used as weapons and have been used to hurt people before. The problem is that these items are so common due to their use for everyday life that the idea of them falling into the category of weapons that need to be “safely disposed” of is ludicrous.

Again, this is not a spoof account. This is the legitimate Twitter account for this police department, and there are no indications that this tweet is satirical, or that they are mocking the London government in any way. This is the state of the UK, and how far down the rabbit hole the UK has gotten with their inability to separate the criminal from the tool.

Case in point, this is where government overreach without limitations gets you. It becomes unrelentingly ridiculous, like a Monty Python sketch that would be funny if it wasn’t real life.

Let’s go over the list of things that the UK has done recently that just seem way out of line for a free western culture to do, just so we can all keep track.

First, the UK is going to put a YouTuber in jail for playing a prank on his girlfriend where he taught her pug to raise his paw in salute every time he heard “hail Hitler.” You can think the joke is in bad taste, and that would be fine. However, UK courts are throwing this YouTuber in jail for “hate speech.”


This is what happens when you don’t have basic protections from the law for the populace in the form of free speech laws. The YouTuber was in no way promoting hate speech toward anyone. Furthermore, the kind of joke he made would not have flown in Nazi Germany where, ironically, he would have been put in jail for disrespecting Hitler.

Then there was the 78-year-old man who killed an intruder that had broken into his own home and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder. Thankfully all’s well that ends well, and the government has deemed the man innocent. Still, that grandpa was taken in for simply defending his wife and home is something that happens in Crazy Town…which I guess is what London should be renamed.


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