Hillary Clinton, Former BFF of Harvey Weinstein, Now Trying to Take Credit for the #MeToo Movement

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton walks with Miramax Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein and is followed by actress Gwyneth Paltrow into the premier of her new movie "Shakespeare in Love," in New York Thursday Dec. 3, 1998. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

I’ve actually begun feeling sorry for Hillary Clinton more and more every day. Either unwilling or unable to accept her 2016 defeat, Clinton has gone on the warpath, blaming everyone and everything that enters her field of vision.


But now she’s attempted to switch up her post-defeat tactic of pointing fingers and is resorting to the sad tactic of congratulating herself for high-profile movements that were prevalent in the news, namely the #MeToo movement.

As you’re all aware, the #MeToo movement arose when it was discovered that Hollywood producers, actors, and crew were doing some very horrid things to women in the industry ranging from rape to sexual harassment. The outrage was such that Hollywood went through a witch hunt phase wherein many an actor and producer’s lives and careers were turned upside down and destroyed. Most famous and notorious among them, was Harvey Weinstein.

According to Clinton, who was speaking at a Manhattan women’s club on Tuesday night, her losing the 2016 election helped to speed the #MeToo movement into existence.

“I believe that it was a wave that was building and building and building,” Clinton responded when asked if the #MeToo movement would have happened if she had won. “I think my losing probably accelerated that wave, but the wave was coming.”

This not only highly likely to be false, it’s laughable.

Clinton is notoriously friends with Weinstein, who did quite a bit to financially support her in the past, including her 2016 election. Clinton’s staff was warned on two occasions against associating with Weinstein, once by Lena Dunham during the 2016 campaign, and once by Bill Clinton speechwriter Linda Bloodsworth-Thomison. Neither believes their warnings actually reached Clinton’s ears, but there’s very little chance it didn’t. Chances are that the news was brought up to her, but the money and support that Weinstein provided was just too good.


There were also Clinton’s attacks and attempts to silence the women her husband Bill Clinton had taken advantage of. Clinton is no solid representative of the #MeToo movement, and in reality, benefited little from it as she and her husband were put into the spotlight as examples of how not to behave when it comes to sexual harassment.

Clinton is living more in her head than she is the real world. By her own confession, the loss of the White House in 2016 was traumatic for her, and she’s since been trying to justify her loss in any way she can. In her head, she is both victim and hero, likely as a result of her trying to make herself feel like the loss was unfair, not her fault, and that she was still the best person for the job.

Sadly, too many women haven’t realized that Clinton is attempting to drag them into this fictional world with her, but as has been previously seen, the Democratic party is under no such delusions and wishes she would quietly fade into the background.



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