Hillary Clinton's Blame-Game Speech Fees Drop an Astounding 90% in Cost


As it turns out, listening to 2016’s failed presidential candidate drone on about who is at fault for her loss isn’t the most useful way to spend money.


Hillary Clinton used to have outrageous speaking fees that hovered in the $250,000 range, but according to the Daily Wire, those days are over.

Clinton has now returned from India where she previously blamed women for being weak-willed, and voting as their husbands do in order to please them subserviently. This, of course, did not sit well with the vast majority of America, who unleashed such hell on Clinton that she actually found it necessary to fashion a non-apology on her Facebook wall.

Remember, Clinton can never be wrong, she can just be mistaken.

But apparently, she was so mistaken that her speech value has dropped tremendously. So tremendously that her speaking fees dropped 90% according to the Daily Wire:

The 2016 loser used to charge $250,000 for speaking engagements, back when people thought the former Secretary of State might be sweeping into the White House. That fee dropped 90% this week when she spoke at Rutgers University for just $25,000 (and we know “just” is a relative term).

Clinton was back in New Jersey on Thursday to talk politics, American democracy and her role (always her role) in shaping women’s political history. Rutgers paid the $25,000 fee from an endowment so as not to use cash from tuition or state aid, the university said.


Clinton’s stock has fallen so far and so fast, it’s amazing that we haven’t heard the crash echo throughout the mainstream media regardless of the sound proofing they do for people like her.

During her speech at Rutgers, she continued on with the blame game, apparently having learned nothing:

In her speech, Hillary, as she does, blamed a slew of other things for her loss to Donald Trump, implying that anyone who didn’t vote for her is sexist. And she pointed a casted finger at Russia — even though a probe by a special prosecutor has turned up no smoking gun in more than a year of investigation.

“We’re not anywhere near the bottom of understanding this,” Clinton said. “They think they had a pretty easy first run and they are going to be involved unless we come together as a country … to do much more to secure our elections than we’ve done now.”

She called her 2016 drubbing “pretty traumatic” and said to recover she “took a lot of long walks in the woods.”

As I’ve written at length before, Clinton is showing us that she’s more than just bitter with her constant use of her stage time to point fingers. Clinton is demonstrating that in her mind, she was denied a throne. That rule over the United States was owed to her, and that its being ripped from her grasp as per the will of the Republic was unfair.


Despite her feelings about the power she believes she deserves, Clinton must understand that her loss was 100 percent fair. She was weighed, measured, and found wanting, and the Republic has moved on.

The vast majority of America seems to understand this. Even those in the Democratic party who have begun to wish nothing more than for Clinton to shut her yap and move on. No one wants to listen to someone, especially someone who was highly unpopular during the 2016 election to start with, drone on about why she failed, and who’s to blame for it.

This 90 percent drop in her speaking fees isn’t all that surprising when you come to think about it. Clinton is currently drinking bad wine she made using sour grapes. Few people want to drink with her.


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