Here are Some of the Dumbest Signs Seen at the #MarchforOurLives

One of the best things about lefty marches is that people bring all sorts of signs that reveal their hatred and/0r ignorance of the thing they’re protesting for. Thankfully, the “March for Our Lives” is no different.


The following are some of the dumbest signs, as well as some of the best reactions to them, by the Twitterverse.

Normally I save the best for last, but Cameron Gray’s tweet is so good that it need to lead the rest of the pack. Gray found a kid holding a sign that read “f*ck the NRA,” to which Gray had to ask…why isn’t anyone saying that about who’s actually at fault here?

Next up is one brought to us by Matt’s Idea Shop, who points out that vaginas are not objects that fire deadly metal at high speeds, and thus do not require a background check in order to own one. If your vagina does do this, please a see a doctor right away.

Next up, as Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller exposes, we find what many of us already know; that it is in fact the goal of many to take away our guns. While I completely disagree with this guy’s wish, I appreciate his honesty. It’s far more than many of the anti-gun folks are willing to give us.


This next kid thought he was being smart by pointing out that when the constitution was written, people with his skin color were considered 3/5 of a person. How this has anything to do with gun safety is anyone’s guess, but why put any thought into your statement when calling something racist will do?

He apparently doesn’t know that this was put in place to stop slave owners from holding so much power in pro-slavery states, but I’m sure he’ll learn that later. Regardless of this ignorance of history, notice that he’s enjoying a constitutional right in order to paint the other one as racist.

Next up is this guy who probably wins for dumbest sign I’ve seen all day. Perhaps he’ll explain later about how he had to pass a background check, and a potential waiting period to buy his poster board which cost him somewhere around $1,000.


And no anti-gun march would be complete without a call to ban something that has been banned since the 50’s.

This sign features Marco Rubio who is apparently far more to blame for the shooting than say…I dunno…the shooter. Also, I don’t see any mention of the failure of law enforcement to stop the shooting, but hey, what use would that be politically?

Finally, we have this woman who wants guns to disappear, only to be replaced by bazookas.

This one begs the question “or else what?”

And then we have this one, which as Stephen Gutowski simply points out, is far away from being true.


This guy wants you to ban all butt pepper weapons.

When trying to compare fantasy to the real world, it’s always important to pay attention to the story. As this Potter fan fails to remember, no one started up a movement to have everyone lose their wands when Voldemort showed up.

The day is still early, so we may see many more ridiculous signs go up around the march. After all, the dumb signs are sometimes the best part of these events.


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