CNN President Jeff Zucker Ironically Calls Fox News a "Propaganda Machine," Apparently Forgetting He Runs CNN

Say what you will about cable news networks, but they’re in the tank for one party or another. Conservatives get Fox News, and the left gets everything else.


I won’t lament the absence of balanced news networks as I doubt we’ll ever see them again, and if we’re being honest with ourselves every reporter who puts hands to keyboard or positions himself in front of a camera has a bias that causes him to see every issue through the lens of his political preference. Really, all I ask now is that each reporter be completely honest about his bias.

Hi, my name is Brandon Morse, and I’m a Libertarian Conservative who thinks guns are awesome, transgenderism isn’t real, and thinks Velveeta is a crime against cheese. See how easy that was?

For the most part, Fox News and MSNBC are very open about their biases. I can trust that Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is going to lean right on the vast majority of issues because he’s very open about that fact, and his reporting will reflect it. Alternatively, I can expect Chris Matthews to always get a thrill up his leg at the sight of a charismatic black Democrat.

Which leaves CNN, the supposed middle ground between the two. The network bills itself as “the most trusted name in news,” while its actions show it to be something completely different.

CNN will flat out lie about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) being too cowardly to appear on the network after the Parkland shooting, when in fact he already had given them a 15-minute interview which they hadn’t deemed to air.  It’s the network of Jim Acosta, who acts like more of an activist with a White House press badge than a reporter.

They attempt to blackmail regular citizens for making fun of them with GIFs. Of course, that has the fun effect of causing people to make fun of them anyway, like yours truly.

And who can forget the recent “town hall” for the Parkland Shooting, that in reality was more of a witch hunt mixed with a dog and pony show, that turned into a kangaroo court? As NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch described it, it felt more like a wrestling show than a conversational town hall. In fact, there was very little conversation, and a lot of putting Republicans and the NRA on the spot for a crime they never committed.

It was so bad and so insulting that I predicted the town hall would have an Obama like effect on NRA membership rates and you’d see a spike. Lo and behold, I was right.

So when CNN’s President Jeff Zucker lashes out at his competition and paints them as fake, one can only laugh.

According to The Wrap, Zucker took aim at Fox News while on stage a the Future of News Conference in NYC, and referred to them as “state-run TV,” and “propaganda machine.”

“It is really state-run TV. It is a pure propaganda machine and I think does an incredible disservice to this country,” said Zucker. “There are a handful of really good journalists there, but I think they are lost in what is a complete propaganda machine and the idea that it’s a news channel is really not the case at all.”

Self-awareness level: Zero

Hilariously, the man who was actually present while they were attempting to string up Loesch, Rubio, and anyone who ever looked at a gun kindly didn’t see what was right in front of his face.


Or worse and probably likely, he knew exactly what he was doing and is trying to play innocent.

This is just one of a myriad of reasons why CNN is bleeding viewership at an alarming rate, and why they lag behind both MSNBC and Fox News in the ratings. We all know CNN is a leftist news organization that touts whatever message the left needs it to at the drop of a hat. With the exception of Jake Tapper and a few others, the clear bias displayed by many of its anchors is unmistakably left leaning.

And CNN plays it off like it’s a completely neutral network that has no bias, and is only looking out for the best interest of America.

Fox News definitely isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely far more trusted than CNN, and the ratings reflect that. Fox News might bend over for Trump more than they should, but at least I know WHY they’re doing it. If CNN and Zucker want the respect of America back, then it should just start being honest about what it is.

It’s a left-leaning news network with goals to support leftist positions and leftist candidates. All they have to do is say it. In the meantime, claims like this from Zucker just make me want to shake my head and flip past the channel.


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