Leftist Town Hall on "Income Inequality" Has Some Pretty Rich, Hypocritical Democratic Panelists

Democratic hypocrisy on income inequality in one picture.
Democratic hypocrisy on income inequality in one picture.

I’m confused about how to describe the video I’m about to show you.

On one hand, I want to call it an “unintentional parody.” Here we have a “Town Hall” — let’s face facts, this was a guided panel — of rich leftists talking about how they’re experts on the everyday struggle. On the one hand, I want to refer to it as a moment of unintentional hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness.


The panel, which contained some of the most frothing-at-the-mouth leftists living in the modern age, decided to tackle income inequality. These leftists include Vermont Senator and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, unrelentingly left-leaning documentarian Michael Moore, Massachusetts Senator and “I’m totally a Native American and know about struggle despite no tribe being able to find me or my family in their meticulous records” Elizabeth Warren, and Darrick Hamilton, who I’m told is an economist.

Ben Shapiro gives a great rundown of the “Town Hall.” To sum it up, there was all sorts of talk about being pro-union, and how it will take the unions to rebuild America’s middle class.

Shapiro blew that out of the water:

This isn’t even close to true, but it makes for a good campaign talking point for her 2020 run (in point of fact, America’s middle class was burgeoning long before the advent of the union movement, and in the aftermath of the downfall of private unions, Americans have been moving into the upper middle class at a rapid rate).

Sanders, of course, stuck to his tried and true talking point of bashing billionaires, saying that as they get richer, the poor get poorer.

Shapiro returned fire on that as well.

The billionaires are not, of course, stealing from small children; America has a rich welfare system for childhood poverty. And America does not have the highest rates of childhood poverty — we have higher rates of relative poverty than other countries (meaning the number of children living at 50% or below a country’s median income, which is still relatively rich by global standards). Even Politifact, a left-wing outlet, has rated Sanders’ statements along these lines “mostly false.”


And these are just some examples of the nonsense that got tossed our way from the panel of economic “experts.”

What strikes me, however, is the pure hypocrisy with which these panelists speak with authority and “empathy” for the average American, while they enjoy the cash benefits of their position and fight against the middle class being free to earn more money.

For one, the Democrats are continuously looking down on the tax breaks given to the American people and corporations, and spew so much venom about it that it’s hard to take any talk of their concern for our economic well being seriously.

Not only have the GOP tax cuts allowed the people to keep more of the money that they earn, they’ve allowed the very corporations and businesses the Democrats say are screwing people over to expand to offer new jobs, benefits, pay raises, and bonuses.

Elizabeth Warren herself unintentionally praised the effects of the GOP tax cuts before she remembered who’s side she was on and immediately — and embarrassingly — changed course.

Meanwhile, as Sanders continues to slam the rich, he himself is sitting on a pretty pile of cash from his last campaign which he oddly hasn’t dished out to the poor he’s so concerned about. Meanwhile, he still has a debt he has not yet paid to the cities who used their own resources to make sure he had security during the 2016 presidential elections. All of this while his family is currently under FBI investigation for bank fraud, and he lives in three expensive houses, one of which costs $600,000.


Then we have Michael Moore. The man who refused to use union labor despite him touting it as the all-time greatest, had horrible working conditions in his offices, and proclaims to hate capitalism while he utilizes it to become the rich guy he claims to hate.

The last group of people I want to hear from about income inequality are these people.


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