Report: Antifa Member Who Spray Painted "Kill Cops" on Walls Raises $80k with Help from LA Times

By how the mainstream media tells it, you’d think Berkeley student Ismael Chamu is a poor, down on his luck, but persevering through hard times to succeed kind of young man. He lives in a trailer with no sewage hookup, and he takes care of two younger siblings, walking them to school through gang-infested territory.


Then Chamu goes to Berkeley where he works hard to be a top-notch student. His life is incredibly difficult, according to the LA Times, and shows a picture of him weeping over his lot in life.

The LA Times and the New York Times paints a very long-winded, admiral picture of Chamu. Indeed Chamu is an individual worthy of great applause…if the story turns out to be true.

Far Left Watch dug deeper into to Chamu’s history and reported that the LA Times was leaving out a massive portion of Chamu’s story. Mostly that he’s an Antifa supporter who is incredibly racist, and vandalizes walls with violent messages about killing cops and posts message online about throwing bricks at white people while burning down businesses.

When FLW exposed Chamu’s arrest record, the LA Times was forced to add that little tidbit into their puff piece on Chamu.

If you want to know what Chamu is really up to, FLW has the summary:

Ismael Chamu is a Berkeley antifa activist who was charged with vandalism last July for allegedly spray painting people’s cars and fences with “F— White People,” “F— the police,” “F— frat Boys,” “Kill Cops”, “Kill Yuppies,” “Eat the Rich,” “Class War”, etc. This story is especially important to us because our reporting was instrumental in these charges.


Chamu denied these charges and was released from police custody. Chamu blamed his arrest on the fact that police were racially profiling him, resulting in a deluge of angry responses to everyone involved in his detainment. This includes the ACUS Senate and the Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguín, to publicly condemned Ismael’s arrest.

Thing is, a look at Chamu’s online history exposes his love of Antifa, his hatred of white people, and his willingness to vandalize and destroy anything that has to do with capitalism.

Chamu has deleted these posts, but FLW alleges it was able to grab these screenshots before he was able to do so.

These screenshots tell a completely different story than the one LA Times did. Chamu is not an underdog of a hero. He may very well be poor and living in a trailer with his siblings, but he’s also a felon who promotes violence toward people of a specific race and the murder of police officers who believes work hand in hand in with neo-Nazi groups.

Regardless, due to the LA Times story, someone has raised $80,000 for Chamu so that he may find himself a better home.

I don’t want to automatically peg the LA Times with knowing Chamu’s background and purposefully leaving it out. The mainstream media is a place riddled with radical leftist sentiment, but I’d rather think someone wasn’t actually promoting love for someone so blatantly violent and hateful.


That said, this is the power that the mainstream media has over the populace. Someone this evil can be viewed as a walking saint with a single article from the right source, made at the right time. The media misreports consistently, sometimes on accident, sometimes very much on purpose. However, when it comes to people like Chamu, there needs to be a lot more care in his promotion.

As far as we can tell, America just rewarded a violent, hateful man with money because a mainstream media source convinced us to feel bad for him.


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