David Hogg Tries (and Fails) to Explain Away Majority Millennial Approval for Gun Ownership

David Hogg, the most visible member of the Parkland student anti-gun activists, was once again brought on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to give his very insightful opinion on a very inconvenient poll.


While Hogg has a load of students marching with him on gun control in D.C. on Wednesday, the vast majority of his fellow millennials actually feel that gun ownership is safer than disarmament, and are pretty conservative when it comes to gun rights. This didn’t sit well with Hogg, who attempted to explain it away by saying conservatives are far more politically active and vocal.

“What message do you have, instead of just to elected leaders, what message do you have to your own generation and other millennials who are more conservative than most would expect on this issue?” Scarborough asked Hogg.

“One thing I think is important to remember about those polls is conservative students and conservative people in the millennial generation are typically a lot more politically active, so the polls may be biased in that way because many students that have more liberal views may just not partake in them,” Hogg claimed.

“So there may be a skew in the polls that way,” he added.

This is a very weak attempt to explain away how this number came about. For one, millennials typically skew left on many issues no matter what poll is handed them as evidenced by the fact that Democrats and leftist causes are typically supported more than their opposites.


But the Harvard Institute of Politics, where this revelation of millennials’ appreciation for guns comes from, also squashes Hogg’s explanation completely, as it reveals that Democratic students are far more comfortable sharing their opinions than Republican students are.

“College Democrats (60%) are significantly more comfortable than Republicans (25%) sharing political opinions on campus without fear of censorship or repercussions,” concluded the poll.

But this pattern is seen throughout many polls. Both Pew and Gallup alike found that millennials appreciate the protective power of a gun, and the younger they are, the more they approve.

The fact is, most of Hogg’s peers don’t agree with him on guns. This is bad news for the gun-control crowd, even in terms of lever pulling voters. As people age, pay taxes, and really understand the world around them, they tend to drift further to the right.

If the approval for guns among millennials is this big now…what will it look like down the road?



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