Planned Parenthood Eyes "Abortion Barbie" Wendy Davis as Replacement for Cecile Richards

With Cecile Richards out as Planned Parenthood CEO, who could possibly take her place? It has to be someone with pizzazz, and a willingness to smile while being objectively one of the the worst humans on the planet.


Of course, I can think of no better person than failed Texas gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis.

You’ll recall that Davis took a shot at the governorship of Texas against the much loved Greg Abbott. What followed was one of the most embarrassing campaigns the Democrats ever took on. All the leftist money (most of it coming from out of state), all the activist groups that popped up, and all the king’s horses, and all the kings men couldn’t get Davis remotely close to the office.

Of course, what did she expect? She approached Texans from the social justice left, with her primary issue being abortion. Texans didn’t just reject her, they laughed at her. Davis and her pink shoes earned her the title “Abortion Barbie.” She was relegated to the status of “joke.”

But while Davis didn’t get close to high office in Texas, it may have endeared her to high office in the Planned Parenthood abortion mill according to Politico.

The one-time Texas gubernatorial candidate spoke to POLITICO’s Anna Palmer for a live taping of the Women Rule podcast Monday at the South by Southwest festival and sidestepped questions about her interest in joining the organization. Planned Parenthood’s current president, Cecile Richards, announced her plans to step down earlier this year. She is slated to leave the organization in May.

Planned Parenthood has set up a committee and is working with a search firm to find her replacement. Davis is one of several Democratic women who are privately being discussed among Democratic operatives and donors as a potential successor to Richards.


Quick side note: I love how the Democratic Party is essentially deciding the future of Planned Parenthood. This isn’t surprising, seeing as how the abortion giant exclusively deals in Democratic causes and politicians. Remember that the next time the left starts boasting about how the NRA is the Republican’s overlord activist group.

But I digress.

Planned Parenthood selecting Wendy Davis would just make all the sense in the world. As I’ve written about in detail before, Cecile Richards is by far one of the most vile people the modern world has ever produced. She blatantly lies to the public, and shows no sign of walking back her lies when caught, or even feeling sorry about them. She celebrates women of color at feminist marches while killing them off by the thousands. She attempts to limit the rights of private business owners

She acts as if she ran Planned Parenthood as some sacrifice to her private life and that she’s mainly doing so out of the goodness of her heart, as she steadily gave herself a raise every year as Planned Parenthood declined. By the time she’ll leave her post, she she’ll have been making over $500k a year.

And this is just some of the icing on the bloody, rotten cake that is Cecile Richards. She is, objectively speaking, a horrible human being. Her disappearance from the stage, even if temporarily, is going to make the world a little bit brighter.

Davis isn’t too dissimilar from Richards. Davis is willing to blatantly lie in order to achieve whatever political ends she has. Her own biography is riddled with inaccuracies. Davis attempts to paint her self as a poor child, and a struggling single mother who clawed her way from the bottom to become a Harvard grad and a political success. As we found out later this was a lie, and that her real character is something far more sinister.


From RedState, 2014:

But that story is a fairy tale. It simply is not true. Davis’s campaign now says she misspoke. She misspoke repeatedly and for several years. She did not get divorced at nineteen. She barely spent time as a single mother living in a trailer. She did not put herself through Harvard, but relied on her second husband cashing in his 401(K) and taking out a loan.

Under oath in federal court while fighting Texas’s congressional redistricting, Wendy Davis testified her father divorced her mother without paying child support. Like much of the rest of her biography, this too was fabricated. In fact, her father’s child support payments kept the family above the federal poverty line in 1975, contrary to Wendy Davis’s assertions.

Davis and her second husband had a daughter. Her second husband sent her to Harvard for a law degree paying the bill by cashing in his 401(K) and taking out a loan. Once out of law school, the couple divorced with Mr. Davis citing adultery by Wendy Davis and asking the court to give him custody of their child. Their daughter likewise wanted to stay with her father. The court also entered a temporary restraining order that ordered Wendy Davis to refrain from drugs or alcohol at least twenty-four hours before visiting her child.

Furthermore, Davis seems blissfully unaware of how America works, and doesn’t seem to want to look too deeply into it. You can watch this sting interview by Steven Crowder, who talked to Wendy Davis and allowed her to clown herself while she smiled.

The Planned Parenthood CEO position was MADE for Davis. She’s a natural born liar who takes the path of least intellectual resistance in order to achieve goals that serve herself and reward her with power. She is unbelievably un-self aware, and in her line of work you sort of have to be. Really stopping and looking at what you’re saying or doing for more than 30 seconds might open the door for an existential crisis.


But most of all, Davis is qualified to be Planned Parenthood CEO because you have to be willing to plant your feet firmly on a losing issue and be okay with it as the world you built comes crumbling down around you. As science and public opinion sways in favor pro-lifers, the Planned Parenthood CEO must stand firm and sling whatever batsh*t crazy sensationalism is necessary to make sure people are scared into keeping it in power and well funded.

The Democratic party depends on it.



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