Clinton's Recent Behavior Shows How the Left Feels About You, and Their Entitled Feelings for Power

Hillary Clinton addresses the Children's Defense Fund's Beat the Odds celebration at the Newseum in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Imagine you were one of the massive group of Independents who were voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections only because you couldn’t find it in yourself to vote for Donald Trump in good conscience. You don’t really have anything against Republicans in general. In fact, you’ve voted for a few in the past, and your friends and family are voting for Trump. But after his behavior, you just can’t.


To be honest, you were also probably one of the many who didn’t even like Clinton, despite the fact that you were voting for her. She seemed fake, and pretty run-of-the-mill when it came to politicians, but at least she seemed professional and statesmanlike. Trump seemed like a reality show host trying to find a fun way to get new ratings.

But the reality show host wins, and while you’re sad about it, you shrug it off and hope for the best. Your friends and family are pretty happy, which is good. You don’t think less of them for it. They’re good people, and despite this political disagreement you think they had their reasons for wanting to vote for him, and that’s just fine with you.

This is pretty much the story for much of America. Many were voting for Trump because they just couldn’t stand Clinton and vice-versa. Neither Trump or Clinton seemed like great choices during the 2016 elections. Both of their unpopularity levels were pretty high because both of them were rough on the senses. There were definitely die-hard voters on both sides, but much of America held their nose as they made Sophie’s choice.

But as Carl Arbogast wrote earlier, Clinton can’t seem to get over the fact that she lost. She seemed set up to win the 2016 elections. It almost seemed like the White House was naturally going to be hers. Every poll, news outlet, and bar conversation said so.


And then it was taken from her. No one saw it coming. Even many of the Trump voters I spoke to were as surprised as I was. The ground was ripped from Clinton’s feet in a matter of hours, and the blow stunned her so horribly that she couldn’t even make a concession speech that night.

A blow that fierce to your future, your ego, and your name is a hard one to get over. That Presidency had a lot riding on it. It was supposed to usher in the new era of social justice dominance. She was going to be the first woman President. Her office, along with the media, would have secured her from any investigations that might harm her. Chelsea Clinton, her daughter, was supposed use the revival of the Clinton era to ride the wave into political life herself. That’s a lot of future that Clinton cannot have now.

We’ve all been there, or at some point will be. That Clinton is having a difficult time coming to terms with what happened to her isn’t something I blame her for. A lot goes through your mind when you’re recovering from a hit as hard as the one she took, but one of the things your mind starts to do is search for reasons it went wrong, and that often comes in the form of finger-pointing. You search for instances where you were handed the short end of the stick or betrayed.


Clinton has the displeasure of feeling betrayed by, among many things, an entire country who, for all intents and purposes, should have been behind her. But it wasn’t. She left a bad taste in too many mouths, and too many turned away from her, even from within her own ranks.

Our constitutional republic weighed and tested her, and found her wanting. Just like that, we moved on without her. What followed was a total collapse of the leftist psyche. People literally screamed at the sky at Trump’s inauguration, Democrat politicians became more extreme in their leftism. The media outlets also took it hard and resorted to doing anything they could to make Trump look bad, even if it brought their name down in the process.

And in the middle of the derangement brought on by Trump’s victory, Clinton only grew more bitter. She began spouting off crazy theories such as women didn’t vote for her because those rotten patriarchal men told them not to.  She said red states were racist and backward.

Let’s go back to the Clinton voter sitting with friends and family who voted for Trump. They’re not racist, or evil. They’re not backward-looking, or uncaring. They work hard, and they’re fun to be around. They’re just your normal, average, everyday American. And here Clinton is telling you they’re just the worst.


The media isn’t too far behind her. They don’t treat Clinton like they treat Trump. They give her a pass while they actually go after private citizens that agree with Trump. The progressive left that sided with Clinton thinks you and yours are just fly-over yokels who don’t know what’s good for you, and that’s reflected in the media they create.

In their collective derangement, they call things you care about the most extreme of horrors. They call regular gun owners “dangerous,” and “paranoid.” They refer to the NRA as a “terrorist organization” despite the fact that it’s made up of millions of members. They call you racist for not creating sacred cows out of melanin levels. They label you as every “ist” or “phobe” under the sun because you refuse to like a movie for its “representation,” and “message.”

Trump’s win exposed the man behind the leftist curtain. They don’t think very highly of you. They think they are entitled to that power. They believe that with you in charge, the country is going to go down a dark path of racism and bigotry despite the fact that you have no inclinations for any of that.

The left has been nothing short of gross since the doors of the Oval Office were shut to it. Bitterness is understandable. Hurt feelings are natural. But the left still acts like the election they lost despite their best efforts is theirs by rights. Their treatment of Americans since Clinton’s loss is overtly disgusting.


The things they do to and say about us to the nods of ignorant celebrities, rioting extremists, and sensationalist media shows how the left views itself, and us.



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