Virginia Candidate for Congress Commits Potential Felony While Anti-Gun Virtue Signaling

Right now, being in favor of gun control is all the rage, and with elections approaching faster than the speed of “ugh,” many Democratic candidates are getting in their performances that signal to everyone that they too are on the left’s most popular bandwagon.


Enter Virginia candidate for Congress, Karen Mallard. This teacher turned politician really cares about children, and so is taking a page out of the book written by viral Facebook sensation Scott Pappalardo last month, and she’s cutting an AR-15 in half.

Posting the video to her campaign’s Facebook page, Mallard said that after the Parkland shooting she wanted the AR-15 her husband bought her out of her house. She then said that after watching Emma Gonzalez — the Parkland shooting anti-gun activist with the shaved head — speak on guns, she realized she didn’t want it in anyone else’s house either.

In one fell swoop, Mallard exposed both her ignorance about who is to blame for gun violence — hint: It’s not the gun’s fault — and her willingness to deprive others of live-saving firearms as well.

But then Mallard proceeded to expose her ignorance of gun laws, which is interesting, seeing as how she’s running for the position of “lawmaker.” Furthermore, it seems the only thing she learned from Pappalardo’s video is that sawing your gun in half will get a lot of views. What she didn’t pick up was the fact that sawing the barrel off the gun, just as Pappalardo did, is a felonious act.

According to federal law, all Mallard did was make the barrel shorter. It’s still operable, given it’s no longer semi-auto. Instead, Mallard just brought her gun from being a legal AR-15 semi-auto to an illegal short barrel rifle (SBR). The federal government doesn’t think too highly of those who own these without the proper fees and paperwork, and creating one could result in some seriously expensive trouble for the owner.


Proper disposal of an AR-15 requires cutting the receiver in multiple places with a torch that makes 1/4 inch cuts. This would make the gun fully inoperable and incapable of being fixed. All, Mallard did was saw off the barrel with a thin blade.

Perhaps Virginia voters should look elsewhere for their lawmakers.



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