If the NRA Is a Terrorist Organization (It's Not), Then Planned Parenthood Is Something Far, Far Worse

The pattern goes that when some insane person shoots up a group of innocent people, the left and the gun control advocates extend their finger, and point it right past the shooter, negligent law enforcement agencies, and politicians that helped create the scene, and put it square on the National Rifle Association.


The problem is that the NRA has zero to do with any of the murders. Despite the fact that it’s the organization attempting to improve gun laws and promote gun safety — as opposed to outright promoting banning firearms and/or blind fear of them — the NRA gets painted as a super-villain.

The gun control crowd acts as if the NRA sponsored the killings, and makes any politician friendly with the NRA out to be a bought and paid for puppet. The gun control crowd never questions that maybe the relationship between the politician and NRA comes about because of mutual agreement from the start, but that doesn’t fit with the evil overlord narrative Democrats would like pushed. There has to be a grand evil presence controlling everything behind the scenes, and the Koch brothers are so two years ago.

But despite the NRA’s innocence, the left likes to refer to the gun rights organization as a “terrorist group,” as seen by Michael Ian Black, who I’m told is a comedian.

To be fair, Black admitted he made a mistake about 2A not already being a right, so I won’t attack him on that. Regardless, it doesn’t make the rest of everything else he said here anything but completely asinine. I’ve already tackled how the repeal of 2A would be next to impossible as well as foolish, and how school safety can be achieved before, so I won’t go into it here. For now, we’ll just focus on the “NRA is a terrorist organization” line.


At this time the NRA’s kill count is zero. If they are a terrorist organization, they are the worst one in history. Furthermore, those who do commit these mass murders have zero connection with the NRA, and in fact usually commit these atrocities in defiance of every principle the NRA holds, as well as many of the safety laws the NRA helped to create. In fact, the laws drafted with the NRA’s help would have stopped many of the shootings if law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or, very recently, the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept had done their jobs.

People forget that the NRA is an organization principally concerned about the preservation of our Second Amendment rights, education about firearms, and the promotion of their safe usage. Their relationship with politicians comes as a mutual one, not master and puppet. A terrorist organization they definitely are not.

But let’s compare this to an organization that the left holds up as nearly holy, and who also gives money to politicians.

At this time, Planned Parenthood’s kill count is over 7 million since its founding. That’s more than the Vietnam War, the American Civil War, the Korean War, and the Iraq war…COMBINED. Furthermore, the death of innocent life is one of their guiding principles, only they call it anything but what it is, using terms like “reproductive justice,” and oddly “women’s health.” Planned Parenthood is often involved in the drafting of legislation, all of which is geared toward allowing it to take life.


Terrorist organizations WISH they could wreak the kind of havoc Planned Parenthood has.

I want to be clear. I don’t think either Planned Parenthood or the NRA are terrorist organizations, though I do question some of Planned Parenthood’s methods of convincing groups to support it *cough Susan G. Komen foundation *cough*. Neither of these groups are flying planes into buildings, and vowing to eliminate Jewish people off the planet.

However, one does have a MASSIVE amount of death on their hands that they have performed directly, and one is the NRA.



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