Connecticut Governor Gets Clowned by Dana Loesch After He Compares NRA Members to Terrorists

For a party that pearl-clutches over the word “fisk,” the Democratic party has no problem throwing around some very extreme language in order to spread fear and misinformation or label their enemies as evil.


Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy did such a thing when he compared NRA members to terrorists. In other words, he labeled millions of Americans who did nothing wrong and haven’t harmed a fly the equivalent of those who bomb buildings, brutally murder innocent people, and hijack planes in order to fly them into buildings.

During a press conference, Malloy commented that the NRA is a “far cry” from the organization it was in the 90’s and said that it has “in essence become a terrorist organization.”

“Are you a terrorist?” asked Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends to NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch during her appearance Thursday morning.

“I mean, I’m a mom. I have kids. We were dealing with homework issues late last night. I mean, maybe making kids get their homework done makes me some kind of terrorist,” responded Loesch with an eye roll.

Loesch went on to say that she can’t take anyone seriously who claims to come to the table in good faith to talk about gun safety while simultaneously smearing millions of innocent people as terrorists. Loesch then urged any NRA members watching to post quick videos with the hashtag “NRAParents” to show why they carry and why they aren’t terrorists.

“One of the reasons I have a firearm is to protect my family,” said Loesch.

Loesch admitted that if she were to get into a physical fight with someone, she may very well lose due to her stature. Firearms, she said, give her the advantage in an otherwise losing battle.


Loesch is 100 percent correct, and it is especially correct for women like Loesch.

There’s an adage that goes “God made man and woman, but Sam Colt made them equal.” There’s a major truth behind that phrase, as women who are — all political correctness aside — physically weaker than men can now not worry about being overpowered just by wielding a firearm. One pull of the trigger, and what could have been the most horrific day of a woman’s life just turns into a message that she shouldn’t be messed with.

That Malloy would be so bold as to call those who wish to close that power gap for the protection of self and others “terrorists” is beyond foolish, and the millions of American gun owners, NRA members or not, should tell him so.



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