This Ridiculous Tweet Shows How Far Anti-Gun Sentiment Has Gone, and How Dangerous It's Become

Demonstrators hold signs during a protest in favor of gun control reform in front of the White House, Monday, Feb. 19, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Earlier today I came across a tweet featuring a conversation between two opposing members of the gun control argument. The conversation, at least on the part of the gun control advocate, left me with a feeling I can only describe as dread. It was a sad indicator as to how far the left will go in order to maintain their anti-gun feefee fest, and it’s more than ridiculous. It’s dangerous.


The pro-gun advocate asked the anti-gun advocate what would happen if someone broke into his home. Andrew Fallows, the gun control advocate’s response was so awful I had to read it twice. Then I had to go and check to make sure this guy wasn’t kidding. Then I had to check to make sure this guy wasn’t a perfect example of Poe’s Law. I’m sad to say that this man was legitimately serious with his answer.

“And if someone breaks into your house with a gun, you…” asked the pro-gun Twitter user.

“Get between them and my loved ones, try to talk them down, and die with a clean conscience if they kill me,” responded the gun control advocate.

First off, if this man is married with children, then I advise his wife to take herself and her kids to a safer location, preferably with someone who’s not afraid to use a gun in their defense. Their safety is sketchy at best under Fallows’ watch.

Secondly, I want to highlight what was just said here. Fallows just essentially said that he would die, and then leave his family to whatever horrors the armed criminal or criminals have in store for them, all with a clean conscience.

This guy is so enveloped in the leftist narrative that guns are a pure form of evil, that his clean conscience is a result of being obedient to that narrative instead of putting the safety and well being of his family first.


I wish this level of stupid was relegated to this one guy, but as you can see by the screenshot, this tweet was favorited 56 times.

This is frightening. That a man would allow his family to endure the worst the mind of a criminal can come up with in order to keep to the idea that a narrative must be followed is unbelievable, but completely believable when you break down what the left pushes in terms gun control laws, and their continued advocacy for said laws as they continue to not work.

Chicago, D.C., and Baltimore all have horrendous homicide rates, and all have some of the most restrictive laws in the country. Instead of looking at the numbers of states like Texas and Florida, who’s legal gun carrying population has a crime rate lower than their own police, gun control advocacy still reigns supreme. This isn’t even counting the fact that gun-free zones are where over 98 percent of mass shootings have happened.

Clearly, not having a gun around for the good guys to use is resulting in horrible crimes being done unto the populace, and yet the left insists its citizens remain gun free. Are their consciences clean?

But why are those places that restrict the use of guns by legal citizens societal kill boxes? It’s because violence DOES solve problems. If Fallows would pick up a gun as the burglar broke in, then chances are he could win the battle for the lives of his family, never die himself, and live knowing his wife was never murdered or raped, or his children were never kidnapped for God knows what nefarious purpose.


This is one of the reasons millions of Americans own guns. It’s the reason I keep one close to me when I sleep, or when I travel. Guns are the best method by which to prevent or stop violence. Full stop. If it wasn’t, then the White House wouldn’t post armed guards around it 24/7.

If Fallows is a prime example of how far the anti-gun left has gone, then we have a much more serious fight on our hands than we thought.


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