Watch: Dear Celebrities, No One Cares What You Think

Hollywood’s incredibly thick ideological bubble keeps them well-insulated from the outside world, often making many of the most elite celebrities you see some of the most out of touch people walking the planet. These same people believe that they are the arbiters of morality and preach to us about right and wrong as they swim in an environment replete with rapists, liars, and hypocrites.


But as a new Prager U video hosted by Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Development Candace Owens explains, it’s far too easy for a celebrity to think people actually care about their moral grandstanding thanks to all the dedication and praise heaped on them by fans.

As Owens explains in her new video, celebrities are simply confusing their fan’s adoration for 100% agreement with all of their philosophies.

But as they assume everyone agrees with them, they also assume that those who don’t are a fringe minority who are jumping on board with racism, sexism, or whatever “ism” they can think of. They go on live television and insult anyone, including their fans, who disagree with them.

Eminem went so far as to tell his fans that they either choose him or Trump and cursed at those who chose the latter. This level of intellectual entitlement is deep, but the amount of actual intellectualism is about as shallow as a shower.

As Owens says in the video, this would be amusing if it wasn’t so offensive to the fans:


On the one hand, we should find all of this amusing; but on the other, it’s actually deeply offensive: It’s offensive that you confuse our admiration for blind faith. When Eminem raps I have to either pick him or the president of the United States, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Which is why it’s important that I take this moment to offer each and every one of you celebs a free ride back down to Planet Earth.

What happens outside of your gated communities, chauffeured SUVs, and personal assistant’s iPhone is the real world. It’s the rest of us, working very hard to earn a living—working toward that weekend break, when we can perhaps afford to treat ourselves to your concerts, your movies, and your handbags.

You see, we want to enjoy what you do. Sing. Dance. Act. Design. It’s a wonderful gift you have. And it’s extremely valuable not only to you, but to us. Entertaining people—making them laugh, or cry—is something that you should take pride in. You enrich our world with your talent.

The arts are highly important to human culture, but when the arts become an avenue by which to stand on a platform to attack innocent people, it depletes the importance of the art. It paints the artist as someone not worthy of enjoying, despite the high quality of their work. It ceases being a love for art and starts being a door for propaganda.


“But when you go on a political rant on late night TV or call your fans racist and sexist—my God, these people are your fans!— just because they don’t think or vote the way you want them to, you cross a line,” says Owens. “You lose touch with reality. You become just another shill for another politician.”


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