Watch: SJWs Attempt to Shut Down Christina Hoff Sommers' Lecture in a VERY Cringe-Worthy Way

Christina Hoff Sommers, known popularly as “The Factual Feminist” is a professor who doesn’t quite jibe with modern feminism. In fact, she spends a lot of her time debunking many of the feminist claims that pervade the mainstream media, and academic circles.


This has put her squarely in the crosshairs of social justice warriors, who cannot tolerate the fact that Sommers would dare use facts to back up her claims and opinions. That’s why Sommers has a history of having her lectures and panels interrupted by leftist students who can’t stand opposing opinions being heard or spoken.

This happened again on Monday as Sommers was trying to give a speech, but this time the protesting SJWs came prepared with a really cheesy song called “Which side are you on,” led by a girl wearing a jacket that had “stay woke” written on the back, because why not?

Brace yourself. The performance is about as cringe-worthy as the song.

The ridiculousness continued as one student became angry that questions from the social justice side weren’t being answered, despite the fact that Sommers offered to answer questions after she was done with her speech. Typically, speeches are given first and then the floor is opened up for Q&A. True to form, the SJWs wanted their demands met that instant.


This then led to another rousing rendition of “Which side are you on?”

When that failed to stop Sommers, the SJWs brought in a speaker to drown her out with music. Sommers, however, continued giving her lecture.

The scene devolved into the SJWs accusing Sommers of trying to pardon rape, which was never said in any way, shape, or form by Sommers throughout her entire career. But facts mean little to those who rely primarily on their feelings to guide them through life.

If the SJW community wants to continue to make themselves look like the walking, talking jokes they are by interrupting a legitimate professor attempting to give a factual lecture then fine, but please just keep the singing to a minimum.


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