Watch: Antifa Gets Their Butts Kicked After Attempting to Storm College Panel Featuring Sargon of Akkad

A talk at King’s College London featuring Carl Benjamin (more commonly known as Sargon of Akkad) was suddenly raided by Antifa protesters, and boy did they regret trying to do that.


For those unaware of who Antifa (short for Anti-fascist) is, they are a far-left radical group who employ violence and intimidation against their political opponents. However, they typically wilt when violence is used against them.

As seen by the footage taken by those in attendance, the moment Antifa stormed the stage they were immediately confronted by those in attendance. One Antifa member was punched and put into a headlock by a man wearing a suit. The suited man screamed obscenities at the Antifa member until he was urged to let him go.

As the Antifa member attempted to leave, he was pushed by other attendees.

As they were pushed back to the lobby by security, other members attempted to force their way in. They were pushed and manhandled by security until they agreed to depart. All the while, others in attendance shouted “f*ck” Antifa” at them, calling them filthy communists.


Antifa is itself a fascist group that accepts all the radical leftist ideals it can, and will happily resort to the destruction of person or property in order to achieve its goals. As Steven Crowder and his crew exposed, they are even willing to go so far as to arm themselves with knives and guns in order to win the physical battles they typically lose.

It seems this time they were ill-prepared, however, likely believing that their opponents would retreat to safety and that the event would be canceled. However, the crowd that attended Benjamin’s talk was far more willing to engage in self-defense than Antifa had obviously anticipated.

Now it seems that some will leave with nothing but a few bruises for their troubles.


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