The 2018 Oscars Were a Ratings Disaster

Two things wreck the old media in this day and age. Firstly is the fact that many of the younger crowd would rather just watch the highlights on YouTube, allowing them to dismiss the live broadcast and catch up the following morning.


The other is the fact that Hollywood, from its perch of gilded privilege, deems it consistently necessary to preach to we the peasantry about morality and virtue. This doesn’t typically fly well, because Hollywood is one of the most vile, and immoral places in the western first world. The taste it leaves in the mouth is too bitter, and many just ignore Hollywood’s circular back patting altogether.

And that’s why this year’s Oscars was, in terms of ratings, one of the least viewed award shows ever.

According to Deadline Hollywood, 2018’s 90th Oscars brought in dismal ratings:

Last night’t ceremony drew a 18.9 Live+Same Day rating in the metered market households. That was off 16% from last year’s 22.4 rating, which was a nine-year low. The 18.9 appears to be an all-time low for the Oscars, below the previous low ratings point for the Oscars, logged with the 2008 telecast (21.9), hosted by Jon Stewart, when No Country For Old Men won Best Picture.


Celebrity celebrations are usually replete with anti-Republican sentiment, and with the Parkland shooting that took the lives of 17 people still fresh on everyone’s minds, many expected the glitterati to wax poetic about the virtues of gun control, and the evils of our nation’s love of firearms during their speeches. Judging from Twitter, many preemptively decided to tune out just to avoid the amount of frustration that would cause, especially since the Oscars was being protected by the very firearms the Hollywood elite were casting shade on.


Luckily for those who tuned in, the anti-gun sentiment was kept to a minimum, but it didn’t save the Oscars from being so ignored.

Even without the anti-gun rhetoric flying like so much toilet paper onto your front yard, the political sentiment was still present. This was mostly seen by host Jimmy Kimmel, who cannot pass up an opportunity to insult Republicans to save his life. This includes saying that Hollywood makes movies like “Call Me By Your Name,” the story of a sexual relationship between a man and a younger boy, was made to make people like Mike Pence angry.

This consistently left leaning political injection into our entertainment has caused a tuning out of almost every celebrity awards show. The recent Grammy awards were an unmitigated ratings disaster with a 24 percent loss in audience from last year. The Golden Globes also saw a loss with an 11 percent drop in their target audience.

The problem seems to be getting worse for Hollywood, and it may continue to worsen so long as they continue to insult millions of Americans.


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