Hollywood Has a MASSIVE PR Problem, and There are Two Ways It Can Fix It

The sad part about Hollywood award shows is that what was once a fun night of glitz, glam, red carpets, and entertaining bits between award presentations, is now being more associated with causes, politics, and virtue signaling.


Much of the latter is soaked to the bones with left wing asininity, usually used to paint an “us vs them” narrative against which a right-leaning figure or causes is playing the role of the villain. It’s become so expected from the glitterati now that many Americans have just stopped tuning in to award shows, knowing that whatever fun is to be had will swiftly be ruined by celebrities insulting their beliefs.

Such is America’s departure from the award show scene that the ratings for these programs can only be described as a disaster. Sunday night’s 2018 Oscars lost 16 percent of its audience, bringing it to an all time low. The 2018 Grammys fared even worse with a 24 percent loss in its audience. Even the sports world suffered from the injection of left wing politics, as the NFL lost 33 percent of its viewership.

The fact of the matter is that the only people who seem to appreciate the injection of politics into our escapism are the people doing the injecting.

And what’s worse is that the people doing the injecting are the community currently responsible for some of the most reprehensible stories the public is hearing about. For a while, we couldn’t open up a browser without seeing another Hollywood name being accused, or accusing someone, of rape or sexual misconduct. This community then does it’s level best to distance itself from the controversy with elaborate shows of supporting women, and bashing those who had already been outed. Some of them doing so just days before they themselves are outed.


They will wear this color pin, or that color dress in a show of solidarity with victims of some kind of crime, as they themselves enjoy the very thing they rail against. They promote gun control as they themselves are protected by heavily armed security. They talk about the evils of environmental abuse as they fly around in private jets that burn fuel. They denounce rape as they rape.

And yet they continue to preach with all seriousness with their hypocrisy on full display, a lot of their ignorance laden positions laced with a sense of out of touch moral superiority. It’s disgusting and infuriating to watch, and so fewer and fewer people decide to tune in.

Hollywood needs to do one of two things to fix this, and neither one of them will be easy for the Tinseltown elite to do.

First, it needs to halt the political talk. This is a tall order as many celebrities feel that it’s not their privilege, but their absolute duty to bring awareness to or promote this cause or that. They feel that their great power should result in their great responsibility to to push what they think is right and just, no matter how wrong and unjust it is. Also complicating matters is the fact that it just makes them feel good to do it. When you have an entire room of your peers, or Hollywood legends cheering your jewel laden moral grandstanding, you feel like the most important person in the world.


The second suggestion would be even harder to do for Hollywood, but would solve a lot more problems than just the mere cessation of political vomiting. Hollywood would have to allow conservatives and libertarians to have a voice. This is something that would be openly balked at by Hollywood’s many denizens.


Understand that this is one of the most intolerant and bigoted places in America. A place where conservatives literally have to hide their politics if they’re to find work, and avoid the blacklist. A place where actors will quit highly successful shows because his colleagues didn’t donate enough to a Clinton campaign. That’s how entrenched they are in their leftism.

But allowing conservative and libertarian voices would do two things. For one, it would allow the hitherto ignored, silenced, and ideologically attacked half of America to finally find a voice on the stage. They would tune in to finally see representation, and I’m told Hollywood is all about allowing more groups to find representation in media.

But the other thing it would accomplish is provide a foil to the narratives that fester within Hollywood unchallenged. The monologue would become a dialogue, and many on the left would suddenly find themselves confronted with differing ideas that challenge the “reality” inside the sturdy Hollywood bubble. Actors and actresses that previously were considered “brave” for speaking out about X,Y, or Z would suddenly have their bravery put to the test as they are challenged in real time on the national stage.

Admittedly, this may make award shows hyper-political, but I’d warrant this would be a temporary thing. Celebrities on the left and right would likely use their platform to squabble, but eventually the effect of being proven wrong in such a public way would make them think twice about making ridiculous proclamations and half-baked arguments. Things would soon quiet down a bit, and the audience would slowly but surely make its return. America would feel good about Hollywood again, knowing it’s not wholly comprised of one sided proselytism.


As I said, this second option is the least likely to happen in a land that literally punishes a person’s entire life for wrong-think, but it would be the most surefire way to cure the PR problem Hollywood has.

Either way, something has to change. Hollywood can’t take much more of this increasing irrelevancy, and the public can’t take much more political dogma.


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