Katy Tur Shows Us How to Not Make Progress in Discussions on How to Deal with School Shootings

There are a number of ways to legitimately solve the gun violence in schools problem using statistics and realism, but so many want to resort to solving problems with feelings and relying on hysterics to reach conclusions that it becomes difficult to have an adult conversation.


Enter MSNBC’s Katy Tur, who has jumped on the gun control bandwagon so hard that it prompted her to ask the American people a ridiculous question.

“Kids or guns? What do you value more?” Tur said, talking about the students going to protest in front of Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R).

This is the kind of straw man birthing nonsense that I cannot stand when atrocities like the one committed in Parkland happen. The question is a completely asinine one. It doesn’t come down to either/or. You can love your children far more than your gun, and love them so much that you’d use your gun in their defense.

You can care about the lives of these children currently being used as a media prop — you don’t see them caring what children say at anti-abortion rallies or YAF events — and wish to use guns to make sure that no one with ill intent enters the school and beings shooting it up. An armed guard or armed teacher may use their gun to put the attacker down.

Israel has already proved that training teachers and students to prepare for the event of a mass shooting works in the same way we prepare for fire drills with extreme effectiveness, and that’s IF the shooter can get past the arm guards. Arming our schools with guns is the most effective deterrent for school shootings.

The anti-gun nonsense that keeps us from making sure government buildings that contain our children are armed and ready is only getting people killed. The proof is that over 98 percent of mass shootings have occurred on gun-free zones. If you’ve ever wondered why there hasn’t been a mass shooting at a police department or gun show, it’s because logically when people can shoot back, it’s less attractive for a person seeking victims.


But we can’t even begin to have serious discussions about this, because people like Tur and the anti-gun crowd would rather choose blind fear and ultimatums over serious discussion.

The truth is, you’ll never get rid of all the guns in America. Make them illegal, and the decades on decades of gun circulation in this country would only stock a black market so full, they’ll be practically throwing the guns away for pennies on the dollar. That’s not a realistic wish America can fulfill. What it can do is sincerely talk about how best to protect ourselves using the best means possible.

That means ditching ridiculous talking points, platitudes, hysterics, and questions like the one presented by Tur.


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