Tribal National Policy Summit Is Underway and Guess Which "Native American" Democratic Politician Is Noticeably Absent

Senator Elizabeth Warren

It’s time for the American Indians Tribal National Policy Summit, where members of Native American tribes gather together in D.C. to listen to high-profile speakers and discuss laws, bills, and other things that concern the Native American community. In attendance will be the likes of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Darrel Issa, and Lisa Murkowski.


However, one Senator’s name appears to be glaringly absent, and it’s probably because this Senator is about as Native American as Rachel Dolezal is black.

For all of the claims Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) makes about being Native American, neither she, nor historians, can find any trace of tribal ancestry in her records, or theirs. Warren, it turns out, is about as Native American as cricket and elevenses. Despite this glaring obviousness, Warren has stuck to her guns about being of Native American ancestry, swearing up and down that she’s of Cherokee heritage.

Actual Cherokee people disagree with this vehemently and have asked her to stop.

Former Cherokee Nation Chief Chad Smith even once told The Boston Globe that Warren is “not part of the Cherokee community. She hasn’t reached out. She hasn’t come here and participated much.”


And that pattern apparently continues with Warren completely blowing off a summit dedicated to the people she claims she belongs to.

I think it’s only right that Warren owes the Native American tribes an apology for attempting to use them as a shield for her own political gain, then an apology to the American people for attempting to use identity politics as a way to shut her opponents up, and get her way.


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