Chris Matthews Beclowns Himself as He Claims Republicans Are Attacking Nancy Pelosi Because She's "Ethnic"

Move over Elizabeth Warren, because a new lily white Democrat is being set up as “the ethnic one” according to MSNBC host Christ Matthews.

During his show, Matthews gathered a panel of people to talk about those dastardly attacks by Republicans on sweet, innocent Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Earlier today, Trump called Pelosi his “secret weapon” due to the fact that she was “way out there,” and making Republicans look good every time she lashed out at one of their accomplishments. Trump specifically mentioned the GOP tax cuts, the high tide proverbially lifting all boats.


Matthews began by setting up his panel for some commentary with some very strange commentary of his own…

…like calling Pelosi an “ethnic” person.

“Picking on somebody from one of the coasts, usually ethnic, and making them the poster person of the Democratic Party is old business for the Republicans,” Matthews said. “They did it with, way back, to some guy from the Bronx back in the 40s, they did it with Bella Abzug from the west side of New York City, they did it to Tip O’Neil, they did it to Teddy, and now they do it after Nancy Pelosi.”

“They take an ethnic sort of person from one of the coasts and make them the banner person,” Matthews added.

No, I’m not kidding and you can watch it below:

Matthews going for the “Republicans are racist” line isn’t anything new. It’s the easiest, cheapest, and laziest shot the left can take at the right, and usually comes when the left doesn’t have a solid talking point or leg to stand on.


The problem is that Pelosi is about as “ethnic” as mayo on white bread. Any DNA other than “white European” in Pelosi’s genetic makeup would be botox. Matthews attempting to show how racist Republicans are by using their laughing at Pelosi as an example is a superb indicator of how desperate the left is to find a way to make the tax cuts look bad.


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