Democrats Got Republicans Elected at Last Night's SOTU

I get that Democrats hate Trump to the point of hysterics. I get that they still can’t wrap their heads around Hillary Clinton’s loss. I get that all their hopes and dreams that rode on the 2016 elections were dashed on the rocks, and their party left in shambles. I get all of that.


But last night’s display of utter contempt from the Democrats was beyond disgusting. Not because they showed that contempt for Trump — that I can understand, being of the opposing party — but it was the fact that they put the American people in the crossfire while they relayed their disdain.

Democrats didn’t come off as anti-Trump last night at all. They came off as anti-American. I would be surprised if Americans watching that display of childish pouting from the Democrats weren’t as disgusted as many of us commenting on it via social media.

As Tipping Point’s Liz Wheeler pointed out, the list of things Democrats should have stood and celebrated along with the rest of the room but didn’t was too long, and too poignant.

A couple highlights on that list to show you how awful it actually got…

The Congressional Black Caucus’ non-reaction as Trump announced black unemployment numbers being the lowest they’ve ever been was one of the louder silences I’d seen all night.


What a ridiculous display of animosity toward the accomplishment of a goal these people have been working to curb for years. This should be a moment of jubilation. Things in the black community are improving greatly, and yet here sits the Congressional Black Caucus making absolutely no approving gestures or nods for the success of the people they claim to care most about.

Probably an even more horrible moment in their behavior came when Trump told the story of the daughters of parents Elizabeth Alvardo, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas. These parents had lost their daughters to the gang MS-13, which Trump was using as a prime example of why we need tighter border restrictions.

As applause for the parents went up, most Democrats applauded as well…most of them. An entire row didn’t bother to move.

But then we saw the others only did because they had to. The moment Trump began talking about combating MS-13 more forcefully, Democrats stayed planted. Apparently, Trump’s efforts to eliminate Central American gangs in the United States is not something Democrats want to celebrate, even with the parents of murdered daughters as a prime example as to why sitting just above them.


I could go on with examples, but I feel like it would be a redundant effort. Democrats just didn’t want to celebrate, be it for rising wages, a healthy economy, or successful efforts against terrorist groups. For Democrats, none of this was worth being happy about because it happened under a man they loathe.

Democrats are free to hate Trump all they want, but in not standing for the improvements to the nation, or the hat tips to the American people, or the sour grapes they showed to some breathtaking guests and stories, Democrats showed their real contempt.

It’s not primarily a contempt for Trump. They do have that. It’s more a contempt for the lack of power.

Democrats showed last night that good times befalling the American people isn’t something they find celebratory if it didn’t happen as a result of something they did. For Democrats, the American people seem to come second…maybe even third if you count activist groups and causes.

It’s power that Democrats said they appreciate most last night by not celebrating the American people’s rising prosperity. It’s the fact that their enemy accomplished the goal Democrats claim to put forth. That the little guy got a leg up from the party they’ve been telling everyone is only out to keep them down.


According to a CBS poll, America noticed. They saw Democrats frowning as Trump talked about our rising wages, and lower taxes. They noticed Democrats shaking their heads as Trump talked about getting tough on violent gangs, and defeating terrorists. They saw Democrats stone-faced as the minorities that the left said were being kept down were now getting a better life.

Last night Democrats showed their true aims in Washington, and I bet many Americans noticed. I can’t wait to see what they noticed at the polls.


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