CRITICAL FAILURE: DNC CEO Suddenly Stepping Down After Less Than a Year on the Job

The DNC is still in recovery from the hits it took during the 2016 election, and it shows. After less than a year, it’s CEO Jess O’Connell will be leaving the position after weak fundraising and tepid wins.


According to NBC News, O’Connell will be leaving the post she took over in May for “personal reasons,” but will help DNC Chair Tom Perez find a replacement before she goes.

“Rebuilding the party will take time. While it isn’t an easy task, we developed a strategy, we implemented it, and we won races up and down the ballot in 2017,” O’Connell told NBC. “While I’ve made the decision to pass the baton, our work remains far from over and under Tom Perez’s leadership and direction, our party will continue to build on the progress we’ve made in 2017.”

Perez also issued a statement saying “Jess O’Connell joined the DNC at a time when our party needed it the most.”

“She helped build our ‘Every Zip Code Counts’ strategy, oversaw unprecedented programming and support for state parties and campaigns, renewed our focus on data and technology, and helped lead us to 100+ victories in elections all across the country in 2017. Jess laid the groundwork for an infrastructure to win in 2018, 2020 and beyond.”


The DNC has been racked with scandals and fundraising failures since 2016 after its dirty dealings against Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. According to NBC, however, the DNC’s fundraising may have stabilized, but it’s not bringing in the amount of cash the Democratic party is comfortable with, and that’s putting it lightly.

Also one of the DNC’s biggest wins was that in Alabama against Roy Moore. However, this win isn’t expected to last as Republicans weren’t so much voting in a Democrat as they were rejecting Roy Moore. When a new Alabama Republican comes along, you can expect the Democrats to lose yet another race.


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