This Video Is Proof Positive That We Have a Sexual Misconduct Double Standard for Women in Society

Ladies, imagine if a guy walked up to you, and without your permission began to gently caress your face or waist, or began raking his fingers gently through your hair. You’d have every reason to rightfully call him a creep, slap his face or hand, or tell a nearby police officer that he’s going around and touching women without their consent.


But what if a woman did something similar? Sure it would be creepy, but it wouldn’t remotely be viewed the same. For many, it would be considered funny.

In fact, one woman did think it was funny, made a video of herself touching men without their consent, and posted it to Facebook on Friday.

The Facebook page “Rick Lax Has Friends” posted a video of a woman named “Brookelyn” going around, and without asking the men first, began running her fingers through, and stroking their beards. The vast majority of men reacted negatively, with most expressing confusion, and some attempting to pull away as the woman kept reaching for them.

One guy actually cussed at her and threw a bag at her head after she was told to stop.

This is apparently not the only video of her going around touching strangers. In fact, the page urges you to follow her so you can see more “touching” videos.

Here’s one where she’s going around touching bald men on their heads.

Here’s one where she kisses strangers without warning.

I want to point out that touching a man’s beard or head does not compare to someone touching genitalia or other parts without permission. That is obvious. However, as I said earlier, if the sexes were reversed you’d see massive amounts of outrage surrounding these videos.


There’d probably be a police investigation, and Facebook would have taken the video down with either a stern warning to the page or the page being taken down completely. We know that would happen to a man because it has. Vinay Nair, a Facebook and Instagram user who has now had his accounts rightfully taken down by Facebook after he filmed himself creepily touching women on the back without their permission.

Why hasn’t Facebook taken down the videos? In the comments sections of these videos, you can see a deluge of comments telling the video makers that touching people inappropriately like this isn’t okay. You’re going to tell me not one of them flagged the videos for Facebook to review? I doubt that. If they did, this means Facebook reviewed the videos and didn’t see a problem.

At this time, society seems to have a double standard when it comes to sexual misconduct or inappropriate touching. During a time when this kind of thing is the epitome of outrage, why are we seeing very little waves being made when a woman does it?

I understand that the dynamic between men and women is different, but either we uphold a common standard or we dismiss the outrage of men doing something similar. Just because a moderately attractive woman does something doesn’t make it okay, seeing as how if a man does the same thing it would be viewed so negatively it could cost him his career.


There is a glaring double standard in our culture about what qualifies as inappropriate based on the sex of the person performing the action. A perfect example is the way NBC anchorwomen began oiling up an attractive Olympian on live TV as they were interviewing him, and making sexually charged remarks as he attempted to speak. Had this been reversed there would have been unmitigated outrage about someone being treated as a mere sex object and not a person.

Either sexual misconduct is sexual misconduct across the board, or it’s not, and society needs to be more honest with itself about its outrage.


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