The 2018 Grammys Ratings Were an Unmitigated Disaster

Like every other entertainment-centric display that has sunk into political grandstanding, the Grammys found itself horribly lacking in viewers compared to 2017’s Grammy awards.


How many viewers down from last year? Try nearly a quarter.

According to Deadline, the 2018 Grammys hosted by James Corden drew in 19.8 million viewers. Still a handsome handful, but that’s 24 percent less than 2017’s viewership which raked in 26 million.

According to Deadline, this is the worst the Grammys have performed since 2009.

This is a monumental free fall, with nearly a quarter of the audience CBS relied on to watch finding something better to do than view these self-aggrandizing displays of glitterati circular glad-handing.

But why did so many tune out? It could be a variety of factors, but one thing we can notice is patterns, and one pattern says that the entertainment industry’s jerk to the hard left has caused audiences to tune out both figuratively, and very literally.

The 2017 Emmys in September saw a ratings drop that wasn’t much but should have been seen as the pebble that heralds the avalanche. The 2018 Golden Globes fared no better with a five percent loss overall, and a stinging 11 percent drop in the aimed for demographic.

Add to the fact that Hollywood more or less embarrassed itself during the Golden Globes with a bevy of virtue signaling and tired anti-Trump rhetoric that left a bad taste in the mouths of many. As I wrote on the Golden Globes leaving me with a feeling of hollow hope for Hollywood, “These actors are acting in the way they believe the public wants them to. It’s why despite the pageantry and pomp it all seems so hollow. It all seems so fake. Beneath the glitter and the glamour lies the cold truth that this is still a place of intolerance, sexism, and ideological purity.”


This was proved during the Grammys when, despite all the pro-woman and #MeToo trumpeting happening in the halls of the glitterati, they featured Hillary Clinton as one of them. This is the same woman who attempted to silence and punish women who dared speak out against her husband who repeatedly treated women like sexual garbage. This was more or less proof that celebrities aren’t really treating the sexual assault backlash very seriously, and are doing all this virtue signaling as a way to separate themselves from the controversy currently destroying the careers and lives of their colleagues.

But it’s not just Hollywood. Even the sports industry has seen a massive tank in viewership by a whopping 33 percent thanks mostly to the injection of politics and massive amounts of protesting.

America by and large is sick of the politics, and watching as rich people ignorantly tout bad statistics and ideological bigotry across their television screens.


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