Nancy Pelosi Again Calls $1,000 "Crumbs" Further Painting Democrats as Short Sighted and Out of Touch

Nancy Pelosi lives a very privileged life. She’s one of the Democrat party leaders, makes enough money to make Scrooge McDuck jealous, and can literally tell the American people they will die because of something Republicans are doing with a straight face without any repercussion from the mainstream media.


So, of course, someone like Pelosi is going to look at $1,000 and think it’s equatable to toilet paper money. Not money you use to buy toilet paper, literal toilet paper.

Meanwhile, we in the peasant class see $1,000 as a way to solve a lot of our problems. We can pay off some debt, buy extra groceries, do something nice for the family, or finally get that problem with the car fixed. Maybe it would even help with a medical procedure. Who knows? A thousand dollars could go a long way for the majority of us living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, 57 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts.

Pelosi doesn’t seem to understand this, and how could she? She’s worth $100 million and is currently fighting for $100,000 in tax breaks for herself as our own Joe Cunningham reported.

Recently, Pelosi was caught on video reasserting her claim that employees of companies benefiting from the GOP tax plan with extra cash or benefits amounts to “crumbs.”

“If I may add to that, and thank you Seth, here’s the thing,” began Pelosi. “There’s a cartoon that I just love to [unintelligible]. There’s a little mousetrap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class. And around it are fat cats, they look a lot like elephants but anyway, around there.

“And that’s the thing,” said Pelosi. “Get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet.”


Pelosi seems upset that people are only getting $1,000. According to her, they should get more. Admirable, if her intentions and character weren’t so disagreeable, but it opens up the fact that Pelosi is not only out of touch with the people, she doesn’t understand how economics works.

If businesses did give all the windfall from the tax cuts to their workers, they’d have no money left to do the most beneficial thing of all, and that’s expand. Some corporations, like Apple, have already announced that the extra cash they’re going to get as a result of the tax cuts is going to result in a second campus somewhere in the United States, and 20,000 jobs added to their ranks.

That’s 20,000 people who were jobless now making an income. If Pelosi had her way, those individuals would remain jobless just so those who are already employed can be given an extra bit of money.

That’s awfully short sighted for someone who sells herself a champion of the little guy. But it’s more than just job opportunities. It’s programs.

Disney is using their cash to create education programs for their full-time employees that will teach them skills to use in the professional market, and not even those that would benefit Disney. If Nancy Pelosi had her way, these lower class folks wouldn’t get that opportunity, because Disney would be too busy throwing in extra cash in people’s checks.

Don’t get me wrong, extra cash is great, but it’s a short-term benefit at the expense of others.


The rhetoric aside, the corporations are proving first hand that cutting taxes works to stimulate the economy and elevate the people. Taxpayers will now be keeping more of what they earn, and they will earn more thanks to corporate tax cuts. Corporations will naturally use the cash to expand, hire more people, create more product, invent new ideas, and advance civilization even further.

Democrat politicians and media figures, wearing their expensive clothing, working alongside their aids and assistants, living in their expensive homes, and reaping all their benefits, don’t seem to see this from their opaque bubble. For them, less dependence on the government — which higher taxes encourages through fewer jobs in the private market and more money for entitlements — means less power. No one wants to vote themselves out of prosperity.

For Pelosi and the Dems, private prosperity equals less influence, and less influence equals less votes.



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