WHOA: New Poll Shows Americans Want Massive Cuts to Legal Immigration MORE Than Legalizing Dreamers

Despite the popularity of legalizing a path to citizenship for dreamers, Americans support restrictions on immigration much like those being undertaken by the Trump administration even more so.

According to the Washington Times, a new Harvard-Harris poll was taken during the run-up to the government shutdown. According to it, a huge portion of Americans favors cutting down legal immigration to the United States, which currently sits at over 1 million a year, to less than half.

From the Washington Times:

The survey asked respondents what number they would like to see. A stunning 35 percent said legal immigration should be 250,000 a year or less, while another 19 percent said it should be between 250,000 and 500,000. Combined, they make up a majority looking for a cut of at least 50 percent over current annual levels. Another 18 percent said they want to see between 500,000 and 1 million.

Only 19 percent said they wanted to increase legal immigration over 1 million.

What’s more, President Trump’s ideas that we should be more choosy about who we let into the country is agreed upon by Americans by a 79-21 margin according to the new poll.

Now compare that to the  77-23 margin of support for legalizing dreamers.

Perhaps immigration reform is far more popular than Democrats thought, and the hill they were ready to die on over a government shutdown isn’t really all that valuable.