Watch: Pro-Sanctuary City Chicago Politician Refuses to Say He Puts American Citizens First

Sanctuary city politicians are an interesting breed. For one, they don’t seem to believe that American citizens are more important than anyone in their city illegally. This was demonstrated to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson as he questioned Democratic Chicago Alderman George Cardenas, who flat out refused to say he put the concerns and well being of U.S. citizens before those who weren’t.


“Do you think, here’s the question, now let’s see if you can answer it, do you think that you have an obligation to represent American citizens first, above people who are here illegally?” asked Carlson very simply.

Cardenas continued to dodge giving a flat out yes or no answer.

“I represent my citizens very well, thank you, Tucker, every one that comes through that door…” said Cardenas before being interrupted by Carlson.

“Okay, so you weren’t willing to answer that question,” laughed Carlson.

Cardenas, back against the wall, decided to make it racial.

“You want me somehow to equate that with–you want me somehow to guess, you want me to just guess, what, cause they have to be blue-eyed and blonde, to be able to say, ‘okay you’re American?’” said Cardenas.

Carlson verbally slapped Cardenas across the face for attempting to make Carlson out to be a racist.

“You know what,” Carlson said, “what a loathsome little demagogue you are to say something like that.”



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