Republican Rep. Martha McSally: A Clean DACA Bill Isn't Happening and Dems Need to Get Over It

Democrats really want a clean Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) bill, but according to Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), congressional Democrats might as well hope for a winged unicorn delivering presents.


McSally appeared on Fox News and essentially said a clean Dream Act is a fantasy.

“There’s no such thing as doing a clean Dream Act. The Democrats need to get over it. It’s not happening,” McSally told Fox News. “We in our bill have come up with the president’s priorities, the American people’s priorities, and that should be a starting place for these negotiations.”

According to the Daily Caller, McSally has introduced her own bill along with Republican co-sponsors that is comprehensive on immigration reforms and border security:

McSally and three other House Republicans — Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Michael McCaul of Texas, and Raúl Labrador of Idaho — are co-sponsoring a DACA replacement bill that reads like an immigration hawk’s wish list. The measure pairs President Donald Trump’s demands for a DACA bill — border wall funding, limits on family migration, and killing the green card lottery — with an array of tough immigration enforcement provisions.


“These are reasonable requests for us to move forward,” McSally added.

Conservative Republicans are now pressuring Speaker Paul Ryan to bring up a vote for McSally’s bill on the floor, which some Republicans are already having cold feet about seeing as how it’s highly unlikely that any Democrat would lend a “yea” vote to it.

Ryan hasn’t expressed any indication that he’s completely against putting McSally’s bill to a vote, though he has expressed a desire to have a more bipartisan bill on the issue. According to Politico, the Speaker has praised McSally’s bill as a “good bill,” but hasn’t pushed for any traction on it:



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