Is Feminism on Death's Door?

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Anyone paying attention will notice that feminism has reached a point of pure asininity. While many of us — including myself — have been saying this for a while, it feels like the feminist movement has been inching ever closer toward the realms of insanity with no one to reign it in. While it’s still celebrated by the hard left and its media cohorts, feminism seems to have become ineffectual despite its supporters, and oftentimes seems to be more and more written off by society at large.


As I was flitting through websites, looking at today’s articles I ran across one from the Daily Wire that mentioned a satirical website called “Medusa Magazine,” which was recently shut down by the owner. The site satirized feminists — and did so with such efficiency that major publications took the articles seriously and would write about them.

I can recall being fooled by the site myself on more than one occasion, often prompting me to ask Twitter out loud whether or not the article or quote in question was a “Poe.” For those not familiar with the lingo, a “Poe” refers to “Poe’s Law,” which is an internet axiom that essentially means some satire will always be confused with the real thing because people have seen the real thing exhibit the same level of ridiculousness as displayed by the satire.

In short, a Poe is when satire and real life become indistinguishable.

According to Daily Wire, the owner of Medusa Magazine shut down the site because it was becoming far too difficult to satirize the feminists. Feminist ridiculousness has reached a level so grandiose that even the fake stories seemed far too believable:

“[W]e are shutting down our rather hilarious project because we can no longer compete with our competition,” said the creator in a post hilariously titled, “I created ‘Medusa Magazine’ and I am shutting it down because Feminist stupidity has surpassed satire.”


Perfect examples include a recent article from Medusa in which a “feminist” wrote that men who masturbate to sexual fantasies of women they know are committing “telepathic rape.” They also wrote another calling for “white abortions,” which was used by Russian media to show how politically correct the west had become.

But the reason everyone from the Washington Post to Russian media bought these lies is because feminists have touted similar, if not the exact same things before. In fact, Medusa editors knew they could no longer compete with feminist insanity when a WaPo article titled “I am a feminist. I study rape culture. And I don’t want Al Franken to resign,” suggested Al Franken stay in his seat despite his sexual transgressions simply because he’s a Democrat, and thus is a positive for society. However, conservatives who commit the same sexual misconduct should not be given the same leniency because…well, they’re conservative.

And the left agreed.

The suggestion was enough to make the Medusa editors throw up their hands in surrender.


But though the insanity had reached critical levels for feminists, the movement still wasn’t done. Just yesterday I responded to an article written by a feminist for the CBC that promoted the idea of shaming women for wanting or having large families. According to the author, having children was bad for the environment, and on top of that, it was selfish due to all the children that need adopting. The feminist author went so far as to claim that this kind of family shaming was a growing movement in the west.

Let me be clear. Feminists are now trumpeting the cessation of the propagation of our species as moral. This is the same group that believes abortion is moral…and also, at the same time, the same thing as having a miscarriage according to one feminist.

I’ve been writing about feminist stupidity for years now, and the movement has continued to get more and more ridiculous with no sign of slowing down. Its perpetual state of self-proclaimed victimhood has allowed it to foster some of the most cringe-worthy ideas with every bit of seriousness that one would have during brain surgery. Simultaneously, it has used this status to promote some of the most sexist, racist, and sometimes criminal ideas with almost zero blowback from the mainstream media or leftist politicians.


The level at which feminism operates today is something far beyond fringe behavior. It survives purely on the name that strong women had created for it long ago, and is kept on life support by sympathetic media sources. However, today’s feminism is a far cry from the feminism of old, and people are beginning to finally see this. In 2015, only 18 percent of women called themselves feminist. This might have seen a bump upon the election of Donald Trump, but it’s not a bump I expect will last long.

If you scratch off the mainstream media’s thoroughly applied paint of feminism being a movement for all women, you’ll notice that many women don’t want anything to do with it. Even those who feminists revere believe that today’s feminism goes too far. “The Handmaid’s Tale” writer Margaret Atwood was recently raked across the coals by feminists for suggesting men should get due process, and she wrote the book feminists proclaim would be our future if not for them.

Feminism is loud, and it echoes the world over. But despite its volume, it seems to be hollow. Few are terrified of it anymore. Many click on articles about pyscho-feminism with the same anticipation they have when they click on a YouTube video of a train wreck. It’s become the real-life joke that satirists imagined up.


A few years ago, 3rd wave feminism was something that had weight, but it used that power to discriminate and punish men whether or not they were guilty, pardon hateful philosophies and religions, and more. Now it’s society’s sideshow, taken seriously by those living in ideological bubbles or those who don’t know any better.

Feminism isn’t dead yet, but it feels like it’s almost there.


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