Facebook: Page Advocating Burning Christian Mother Alive Meets Community Standards, Quoting the Bible Does Not

FILE - In this Tuesday, April 18, 2017, file photo, conference workers speak in front of a demo booth at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference, in San Jose, Calif. Facebook announced Tuesday, June 27, 2017, that it now has more than 2 billion users. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

Christian blogger and mother Elizabeth Johnston, better known as “Activist Mommy,” found out recently that Facebook’s community guidelines state that a Facebook page dedicated to burning her alive does not violate any standards.


According to the Daily Wire, Johnston found and reported the page “I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive” to Facebook. You would think that the name alone would be enough to send Facebook running to shut down the page for the promotion of violence against an individual.

But you would be wrong. According to Daily Wire, Johnston had to provide more than just the name of a Facebook page to Facebook. She had to send them a picture.

“So a page named ‘I Will Find Activist Mommy And Burn Whoever Runs It Alive’ does NOT go against Facebook’s community standards? Hmmm…if that is not targeted violence, nothing is! Facebook is a joke! Share this folks!” Johnston posted on Facebook.

The person who runs the page advocating Johnston be burned alive did clarify that he wishes no violence on Johnston, stating “I don’t really want someone to burn her alive. I don’t want to; I don’t want followers to do so, just don’t do it. I don’t condone it.”


He then changed the page’s title to “May God make the Activist Mommy spontaneously combust.”

What a swell dude.

The kicker here is not that some person out there is a bigoted jackass with violent wishes, especially against Christians. That’s not necessarily news as the left is riddled with such types.

What’s news is the fact that Johnston herself was censored by Facebook in February of 2017 simply because she quoted Leviticus, which states that homosexuality is a sin.

Apparently, quoting a bible verse that speaks negatively of homosexuality is too far for Facebook, but wanting to burn a Christian alive isn’t.



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