Vikings QB Praises Wife and Jesus After Winning Game, Proving the NFL Isn't Full of Self-Absorbed Protesters

The NFL has been one big letdown this season. The kneelers — so called for taking a knee during the national anthem as a show of disrespect to a “racist” country, according to them — have put a bad taste in a lot of mouths. People are tuning out of the games in droves due to the protests, but at least one player is giving us hope that professional football isn’t completely lost.


It started after the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a major victory, defeating the New Orleans Saints 29-24 with a last second 61-yard touchdown thrown by quarterback Case Keenum to wide receiver Stefon Diggs that brought them up from behind for the win. The win resulted with everyone in the stadium participating in what Joe Buck described as “pandemonium.”

As the excitement was still on him, Keenum was interviewed about the game, the play, and his feelings. Keenum’s excitement was such that he was repeatedly at a loss for words, but he did manage to say something very profound.

According to Keenum, as excited and happy as he was, he admitted that this massive win was only the third greatest moment of his life.

“It’s probably the third best day of my life; the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ, the day I married my wife, and probably this one,” he breathlessly told the reporter.


I’m not sure what the bigger miracle is here. That the Vikings won in such an edge-of-your-seat way, or that I’m writing about something good happening in the NFL. Lately, it’s been a sad mess of eye-roll worthy content, boring games, and anti-American sentiment. The problem has been so bad that boycotts against the NFL have cost it 33 percent of its viewers.


All my congrats to Keenum. Not just for winning the game, but for actually showing me that the NFL isn’t completely lost.

Also, shout out to J.J. Watt. That dude is awesome.


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